In February, I take the Dutch Child Protective Services (CPS) to court for their barbaric treatment of Jasmijn. Two months later Judges S.M.J. van Dijk, S.M. Spruijt-Mets and E.K.L.M. Haffmans of the Dutch Court conclude that they find no fault with the Dutch CPS for the way they deported Jasmijn.

The fact that Jasmijn was jumped from the bushes on the way to school by a SWAT team of 10 cops in black fighting gear:

Not a problem.

The fact that she kicked and screamed as they dragged her in to a car with tinted windows:

Not a problem.

The fact that she vomited in the car to the airport:

Not a problem.

The fact that she did not get to say goodbye to me.

Not a problem.

The fact that she didn’t get a chance to take personal belongings:

Not a problem.

The Court’s attitude and subsequent ruling is a BIG problem for all residents of The Netherlands. Judges in The Netherlands clearly have no regard for Human Rights. The case now moves up to the European Court and the Ombudsman.

In the meantime the Dutch CPS promises to contact Child Protective Services in Marin, California and they send them a letter asking them how Jasmijn is doing. Instead of receiving a report back from CPS in Marin, the Dutch CPS receives a letter from Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter. Attorney Kelly Reiter does not work for Marin County CPS! Where is the report by Marin CPS?

In the letter Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter (‘Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist’) continues to make false accusations. She admits cutting Skype visitation time without a court order! And she continues to threaten to terminate all contact.



No judge has ever told me I am not allowed to show Jasmijn her room. And this is a typical type of email I sent to Jasmijn:


I can show hundreds more of these from 2014. I have saved every single one of them. I would like to see one email I have sent to Jasmijn in which I make “negative and disparaging comments”  that supposedly “suggest that she is suffering and all alone.”

And again supervisor Tiffany Welter denies that I talk with Jasmijn about her father. Rightfully so, since I have never said anything about Dave to Jasmijn during Skype troughout the entire year of Skype contact.


tiffanyemails4But, again, all of that is besides the point. We know that attorney Kelly Reiter and Tiffany Welter had decided at the onset of the supervised visitations in May 2014 that no records would be kept for the case:


So besides the fact that Supervisor Tiffany Welter is breaking the law, attorney Kelly Reiter has nothing to base her accusations on and as such she is lying to the Dutch Child Protective Services and the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands! They have never received any reports from Child Family Services in Marin County. So if Child Family Services in Marin County is not keeping an eye on Jasmijn, who is, I ask you?

Jasmijn is supposedly in therapy with child therapist Jessica Sherman. In her letter to the Dutch Child Protective Services and the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands Kelly Reiter also makes false accusations about supervisor Tiffany Welter and child therapist Jessica Sherman. I wonder how Ms. Welter and Ms. Sherman both feel about that:


Speaking of Ms. Sherman; she has not responded to my requests for her reports about Jasmijn. Since I am acting pro se (without an attorney) she is obligated by law to provide me with those reports.

In the meantime Dave remains at an undisclosed location with Jasmijn. The Fairfax Police Department has not been willing to disclose her location to me.


Jasmijn’s school, Manor Elementary School in Fairfax, took an entire year to send me a vague statement about her school work from May 2014 through June 2014. Where are the records?


By not sending me Jasmijn’s school records Manor Elementary School is breaking the law in a very serious manner (read the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). And they don’t respond to my question when I ask them whether Jasmijn is still alive. Why?

manorelementaryschoolThis is how Kelly Reiter, Dave’s attorney, responds to me when I request the court records from her. According to her these cost $100 to release to me:


To this date I have not received payment information from her and I have not received the records.

When trying to get the Court records from Marin County Superior Court’s Civil and Criminal Case Index the link never loads. When I have this checked out by a specialist it turns out that the Marin County Superior Court website is country-blocked: in other words, only people in the United States can access the website. When requesting the records by phone and by email the Court has not sent them to me either. I wonder why?

All Skype contact has been terminated since May 8th. I have attempted getting several new supervisors on the case. They all let me know they are willing, but after talking to Dave they suddenly decline.

Here’s number 1:


Here’s supervisor #2:

supervisor2Really? Where is Tiffany? She has been going AWOL since May 8th…

And here is supervisor #3 who was so kind to first try and get the court order before getting started:


Heavily litigated? I haven’t even ever been in that court room and nothing has happened since September 2014! What is going on I ask you?

In September Dave H submits a motion to the court in which he demands that I shut down my social media campaign which includes this website, my Free Jasmijn facebook page and my Twitter account about Jasmijn. And if I don’t, then he wants a NO-CONTACT order between Jasmijn and me.


But wait…I haven’t had any contact with Jasmijn since May 8th, so how does this threat actually work? “If you don’t do what I say, I will do to you what I’m already doing to you!” Uh?

In August Jasmijn is at an age to go to Middle School. After calling several Middle Schools I finally find out she is registered to go to White Hill Middle School in Fairfax, CA. I ask the school director Ms. Hoyt if I can have her permission to call the school from time to time to find out whether Jasmijn is still alive. Ms. Hoyt is OK with the request, but when I call a month later an administrator tells: “there is a court order stating that you are not allowed to call our school.” Really? I am not aware of such a court order! I send an email to Ms. Hoyt about this but never get a reply.


As such White Hill Middle school is breaking the law in a very serious manner (read the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Finally, there is a “review hearing” on November 18th. The Women’s Coalition organizes a Court Watch. Protective Mothers worldwide email and call Marin County Superior Court’s presiding judge D’Opal and request that Judge Adams consider the evidence of sexual molestation, child abuse and neglect as found by both the Dutch State Child Mental Health Institution GGNet Jeugd as well as The Hague Court’s own independent child psychologist as well as Jasmijn’s own testimony (twice) in The Hague Court. They request that Judge Adams, in cooperation with CFS launch a proper 3118 investigation in to child sexual abuse of Jasmijn and order Dave H. to get tested for use of cocaine and heroin; after all, he admitted to Nevada County Court in 2010 that he had a 36 year addiction to hard drugs (for which he failed and missed court-ordered drug tests in the following 12 months). Thousands of Protective Mothers worldwide hold their breath.


During the November 18th hearing Judge Adams requests a private meeting with Jasmijn in her chambers on December 23rd! I tell her that the chance Jasmijn will say anything is slim to none, after all Jasmijn doesn’t know the Judge and is not going to share anything as long as she is in this hostage situation. Second of all, Jasmijn has already testified twice and was not heard, so why should she have any faith left in the judicial system? But Judge Adams makes it a “take it or leave it” deal so I decide to go for it. After all, what else is there left to lose at this point? The results of that December 23rd meeting will get announced on January 13th, 2016.


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