For 8 months we travel through Europe driving from one place to the next, while I homeschool Jasmijn. However, this is not a scenario that has a long-term sustainability factor. Jasmijn has the right to a normal childhood or at least something that resembles that, so we return to The Netherlands and she goes back to school. This goes on for about 4 months during which Jasmijn tells me at some point: “mom, I think I am a reincarnation of Anne Frank. If my dad abducts me, please tell the world my story.”

Nevertheless I hope for the best. It’s important to stay positive. “Maybe he will give up the hunt?” I suggest to Jasmijn. She rolls her eyes at me: “yeah, right. Don’t be so naive mom.”

Every day I drop her off at school, I wonder whether I will see her again at pick-up time.

Normality, as it turns out, is not in the cards for Jasmijn. On April 22nd of 2014 she is brutally deported in a way that can only be compared to the manner in which Nazis removed jews from their homes in The Netherlands during World War 2. On our way to school, we both get jumped from the bushes by a SWAT team of 6 cops in black fighting gear and 4 Child Protective Service employees.

Our neighbors witnessed the entire atrocious deportation. Jasmijn is hauled away kicking and screaming. They drag her into a car with tinted windows and take off. We do not get a chance to say goodbye and she is not allowed to take any of her personal belongings. I find out later that she vomits in the car on the way to the airport.

The Dutch Child Protective Services spins the facts of the abduction in a completely different direction. “With a smile on her face she ran back from the boarding ramp to shake our hands and thank us” I later read in their report. How do these people sleep at night???

Her premonition has come true…


In the meantime I am strip-searched and handcuffed and thrown in jail for 6 hours without any valid charges against me. This is to prevent me from stopping the deportation through Summary Proceedings. As such my Constitutional Rights are violated. This effectively makes the entire deportation ILLEGAL! As such this is a case of kidnapping for which the father Dave H must be criminally prosecuted and The Netherlands is obligated to return Jasmijn to me immediately!



Jasmijn now lives against her will with her father in Fairfax, California with whom she hasn’t lived since she was a baby.

I crawl through the following days, weeks and months trembling, shaking, puking, screaming, crying and begging God and the angels to bring Jasmijn back home. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. But I don’t give up either. As if I ever would. I create a press release and email this to the media, to every single member of parliament individually (all 150 of them), and to every human rights lawyer in The Netherlands. I also contact Amnesty International, Defence for Children, the kinderombudsman, The United Nations, you name it, I do it. My mom and my friends stand by me, through thick and thin, God bless their souls!

Once the story unfolds in the media the people of The Netherlands understand that injustice has occurred in the courts of The Hague. All charges against me are dropped. My emails to members of parliament pay off, the case gets discussed in the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives). Secretary of State Mr. Teeven gets asked questions about this case. (Yes, this is the same guy who is forced to resign 10 months later due to taking a 5 million euro drug bribe and the same guy who is currently a witness in the largest pedophile scandal to ever hit The Netherlands). His answers, however, are kept top secret. I would like to know why exactly?

Immediately after the deportation it becomes clear that Dave H has somehow gotten the case transferred from Nevada County Superior Court, CA to Marin County Superior Court, CA. How is this possible? He is the Respondent! Only the Petitioner can move the case and I am the Petitioner! No one has notified me of this transfer! This is illegal and I have been told that a Judge who allows this is guilty of treason.

The King and Queen of The Netherlands have worked together in unison with the Ministry of Safety and Justice as well as the Dutch Child Protective Services to inform the local authorities in Marin County, California. The case is followed closely in the Dutch media.

In May 2014 Dave H submits my bank statements to Marin County Superior Court. Since I did not share any of my financial records with him he must have hacked my bank account! Neither Judge Wood or Judge Adams of Marin County Superior Court question this criminal activity:


In the same motion Dave H also submits some very strange email communications from 2009 between “confidential.musician@gmail.com” and himself. Who is this “confidential musician”?





What are these cryptic messages about? Who is the “federation and its providers”? Back in 2012 Dave H. had sent me this email:



Apparently he has been plotting this entire child trafficking scenario for years with this individual and an entire “federation” who seem to be involved with the occult or something. If someone else has a different explanation for this I’m interested to hear about it. Please contact me. I have forwarded all of this to the FBI. I suggest they research the IP address of this confidental.musician@gmail.com email address and start looking in to the hacking activities of this buddy of Dave H.

Right after the deportation Child Family Services (CFS) visits Jasmijn at Dave’s home. This is an excerpt from the Marin County Court mediator Kristan Diefenbach about CFS:



Why does CFS stop their investigation after receiving dirty court-ordered drug tests, skipped court-ordered drug treatment, expert evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect, Jasmijn’s unusual behavior and the fact that Dave is not allowing them access to her? Why do they interview her in the presence of her father? Why don’t they place her in foster care and launch a psychiatric investigation?

I then request the court to launch an independent psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn. But Dave refuses, unless he can “unilaterally” choose an evaluator and I pay for all of it:



Following all of this in July 2014, Marin County Court custody mediator Kristan Diefenbach then interviews Jasmijn:

  1. She does not ask Jasmijn any questions about possible abuse or molestation.
  2. She does not look at the extensive expert evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect.
  3. She does not investigate the evidence of Dave’s drug addiction confirmed by Nevada County, CA court, his dirty drug tests and skipped drug treatment.
  4. She ignores the fact that Dave has been diagnosed with Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorders during the 2010 custody evaluation
  5. She does not order a psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn, regardless of the fact that she notes “unusual behavior” of Jasmijn.
  6. She does not mind that Dave refuses an independent psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn.
  7. She does not mind that Dave does not allow Marin County CPS to have access to Jasmijn.

Instead, she recommends to the court that Jasmijn should permanently live with Dave and I should get 1 hour of Skype a week with Jasmijn.

Why is Kristan Diefenbach making such recommendations?

A custody trial is set for October 6th, 2014. Dr. Zecher, the state-appointed Child Psychiatrist plus Dr. Greutink, one of the 3 Child Psychologists of the State Children’s Mental Health Institute GGNet Jeugd who investigated, tested and diagnosed Jasmijn in The Netherlands are supposed to fly to the U.S. and testify about the evidence of abuse, molestation and severe neglect Jasmijn suffered at the hands of Dave. However, on September 19th during a sudden “settlement conference” Judge Beverly Wood from Marin County Superior Court in California forces me not to pursue the custody trial and it is removed from the calendar. This so-called “conference” takes place in a backroom of the court without the presence of a clerk who is supposed to transcribe all court proceedings. I am present via Skype on the mobile phone of my attorney Jennifer Knops (Schoenberg Family Law in San Francisco). Judge Beverly Wood starts off yelling at me that “It is all in your head, you are crazy and you should seek psychiatric help,” thereby referring to the custody evaluation performed by Dr Dugan in 2010. My attorney Jennifer Knops confirmed this later confirmed in an email that Judge Wood.


Not saying such things per se? What exactly does she mean with that? Then she suddenly sides with Dave H and Judge Wood:


This coming from my own lawyer who has been leading me on for 5 months at a rate of $10.000 a month telling me she is so upset about the content of these reports and that she wants to fight for Jasmijn!

Back to the conversation with Judge Wood: when I respond to Judge Wood that in that very report Dr. Dugan had concluded that I am not suffering from any mental illness, she gets even more furious and accuses Jasmijn of lying about the abuse! She rants to the point that I can no longer get a word in. She guarantees that “if I were to pursue the planned custody trial I will lose it and all contact with Jasmijn will be stopped”. Additionally she’ll seize the assets of my mother in The Netherlands to pay for Dave’s attorney fees. My mother is on social security! My attorney Jennifer Knops urges me to comply with Judge Wood’s threat. Later in an email she tries to spin the facts again, making it sound like I had agreed with the threats – what she didn’t realize when writing that email is that she admits the threats were made off-the-record before I was sworn in:

jenniferknops2Later I receive the Marin County Court transcripts in which it states that the “the parties have engaged in a judicial supervised settlement conference.”  marincourtcorruption

Really? Then show me the transcripts. Because NONE of this backroom coercion was “judicially supervised”! This is clear evidence of corruption within Marin County Family Court!

Dave had promised The Hague Court judges not to start any proceedings against me in the U.S. However, he had gone on a worldwide manhunt to look for Jasmijn and me with 12 organizations, including the Marin County District Attorney and the FBI. Because Judge Wood is a Civil Court judge and has no say over such matters, she cannot guarantee a safe border crossing. She gives me 3 days to check with the FBI to see whether an international visitation arrangement can even be drawn up. Within those 3 days I contact my attorney Ms. Ariane Hendriks of Van Kempen Advocaten in The Netherlands and Ms. Hendriks tells me that it is impossible for the court in Marin County to seize my mother’s assets in The Netherlands. She advises me not to cross the border since the Marin County DA does not exclude the option that they might arrest me when doing so. As such an International visitation arrangement is not possible.


So I then contact my attorney in the U.S., Ms. Jennifer Knops, and let her know that I do not want to sign the “agreement” because of threats by Judge Wood and that it is not possible because an international visitation arrangement is not possible due to the statement by Marin County District Attorney Edward Berberian. Attorney Jennifer Knops then lets me know that the stipulated order has already been filed with the court without my signature and she is not willing to undo it. Then she drops me as a client.


Mind you, I just spent $60,000 on this lawyer to prepare for a trial that she decides to drop one week before it is supposed to take place!  I am now completely bankrupted and due to the lack of funds to gather another $20,000 for a retainer with another attorney I have been acting “pro se” (without a lawyer) ever since.

This all goes down in Marin County Superior Court. Read all about the fraudulent activities and obstruction of justice by Judge Bev Wood. Check out this lawsuit against her: she does this with every protective mother. There are entire support groups of her victims.



In the meantime Judge Beverly Wood pushes her agenda of placing children with their abusive, vengeful fathers at conferences that are organized by the federally funded Fathers Rights’ “Association of Family & Conciliation Courts CA”. She even sells audio CD’s on this topic. Please note the title: “The Devil is in the Details”…


On the 7th of November, 2014, a court hearing took place in Marin County Court, with Judge Verna Adams. Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter had emailed me beforehand to let me know that the motion she sent me for this hearing was returned to her by the Postal Service with status “refused.” Correct. I have not received any mail from Kelly Reiter since July 2014.



Since I was not properly served, I did not attend. Attorney Kelly Reiter, however, claimed to Judge Vera Adams that her motion was “timely served by express mail”:


In this hearing Dave told Judge Verna Adama that I live “rent-free” and that I make $6,725 a month as a college professor, which is total nonsense. Judge Verna Adams excepted this outrageous fictious salary amount even though I was not present, no salary slips were provided and the reality of income by adjunct professors both in the U.S. and in Europe is less than 1/3 of what Dave claimed. She ordered me to pay $1,163 a month in child support as well as $25,373.50 for Dave’s attorney fees:



Marin County is the Beverly Hills of Northern California and holds the highest real estate prices in the U.S.A. Celebrities such as the late Robin Williams, Sean Penn, Carlos Santana, George Lucas, Tony Bennett etc., just to name a few, own property in Marin County. According to Dave, he can survive in Marin County making only $2029,- a month:




Let’s do a little math to arrive at a conservative estimate. We know he had the following expenses in 2014:

  • A two-bedroom apartment in Marin County, California costs at least $2500, – a month
  • He also rents an office in the center of Fairfax which costs at least $800,- a month
  • Car, gas, utilities, (health) insurance – at least another $700,- a month?
  • Clothes for Jasmijn – after all, she arrived there with nothing but her school bag
  • Wait! They have to eat too. How about at least another $600,- a month?
  • Plane tickets to abduct Jasmijn to California from the Netherlands
  • Plane tickets for him and Jasmijn back and forth to New York and Maine – summer 2014
  • Tickets for him and Jasmijn to visit stepmom Megan in Canada – Christmas 2014
  • Jasmijn spent 2 weeks in the hospital in August, 2014 for a ruptured appendix surgery with complications. Private U.S. health insurance with co-pay: my guestimate is at least $20,000.-
  • How about his attorney fees for the endless motions he filed? I had to sell my house to spend about $10,000 a month on the legal abuse inflicted by him. Dishing it out must have cost him a similar amount. His attorney Kelly Reiter charges a $100.000 retainer!

How come Judge Verna Adams  signs off on this nonsense? Even Officer Acton from the Fairfax Police Department admitted to me over the phone that something fishy is going on regarding Dave’s income and expenses. And what will the California Bar Association think of the practices by attorney Kelly Reiter?

Marin County Court has been audited for mishandling child custody cases for many years. Judge Verna Adams is known for her own special brand of corruption known as “The Verna Factor” and systematically awards child abusers and molesters full custody.


In the meantime Judge Verna Adams pushes her agenda of placing children with their abusive, vengeful fathers in International Custody cases at conferences that are organized by the federally funded Fathers Rights’ “Association of Family & Conciliation Courts CA”. She even sells audio CD’s on this topic. She claims that she cares about the “left-behind parent who is oceans apart from his or her child.”


After the abduction Dave lets me know he monitors and edits all emails between Jasmijn and me. Six weeks after the abduction I am allowed to Skype with Jasmijn for the first time, supervised at $50,- an hour (at my expense) in which we are only to speak English. Seeing each other through a computer monitor like that is horrific. The visible pain on Jasmijn’s face makes my stomach turn. We both sit there and cry….

Skype starts at once a week for 1 hour. She gets skinnier by the session. Her eyes are dark and hollow. When asked what she eats she shrugs her shoulders and shares that the refrigerator is broken, that there is no money for a new one and that she eats a lot of canned soup. There is only one bedroom so she sleeps in the living-room. It’s summer break. She shares that she has to walk through the town all day and every day. She accompanies her father while they walk from park to park but when I ask her whether she gets to play with other kids in these parks she says no, she does not know any kids there yet. Two weeks later she is covered in lice.

In August Jasmijn undergoes an emergency life-threatening operation for a ruptured appendix. Dave does not call me to inform me of this event. I get an email instead. Because I am traveling with my mother in a remote area of The Netherlands at that time I see the email only after the fact. At that point it takes several communications between the lawyers before I am allowed a 1 minute phone call with Jasmijn. The only minute of phone contact in an entire year…


Thank God she survives the operation. I try and initiate contact with Dave in the hopes to start communication about resolving this monstrous situation, but no progress can be made…



At the end of November 2014, Skype gets reduced to 15 minutes once a month, without an order from the court! According to Kelly Reiter, Dave’s attorney, I was “engaging in inappropriate conduct and discussion with Jasmijn regarding her returning to your custody and residing in the Netherlands”.




However, supervisor Tiffany Welter denies these claims. Rightfully so, since I never said ANY such things!



Additionally, Supervisor Tiffany Welter states in a later email that at the onset of her supervision, “it was determined there would be no reports conducted for this case.”



This is illegal. According to California Rules of Court – Standard 5.20. Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation, article J 1 through J 4, supervisors are mandated to keep a record for each case.

Besides the fact that Supervisor Tiffany Welter is therefor illegally supervising the visitation with Jasmijn, Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter has no evidence for her claims that I am supposedly “acting inappropriately” during the supervised visitations.

Lying to the Court that I have received her motions and interfering with contact between Jasmijn and me against court orders is illegal. Attorney Kelly Reiter needs to be disbarred as a result.

Skype time consistently deteriorates. Jasmijn and I are not allowed contact during Jasmijn’s birthday, my birthday, her grandmother’s birthday, Christmas, Easter or any other important days. While the court order states we should skype multiple times a week and have an increase in contact, the opposite happens.

I send Jasmijn gifts, definitely boxes full for Christmas and her birthday but I have no idea whether Jasmijn receives them. How can I explain to her that I can’t send her toys, as she requests, if I have no guarantee she will get them?

Remember, I was the one accused of parental alienation.

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