When confronted with these findings Dave starts proceedings with the Court in The Hague to demand Jasmijn come back to the U.S. He does not accept my offer of an international supervised visitation arrangement within the mandatory mediation rounds. Whatever Dr. Zecher, psychologist Dr. Greutink or the mediator try to communicate to him about what’s best for Jasmijn he keeps insisting on “his rights as an American citizen”, whatever that means. So we head to court, once again…

Even though The Hague Court decides that this case is not a case of child abduction, since Dave consented to our prolonged family visit, Judges Bellaart, van Steen, Dragtsma, Mink, Stille en Lückers still handle the case according to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction!

Multiple findings and verbal, non-verbal and neurological test results by the State Mental Health professionals from GGNet Jeugd have led to recommendations against any form of contact between Dave and Jasmijn due to sexual molestation, abuse and severe neglect.drzecher

The court decides to ignore these results…

Dave H admits to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and crack cocaine, that he hasn’t passed drug tests, has not followed court-ordered drug treatment and the custody evaluation points to both a Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality disorder. The court decides to ignore this evidence as well…

A formal independent psychological investigating of Jasmijn by the court’s appointed psychologist also results in a recommendation to the court that Jasmijn should not under any circumstance have contact with her father, not even supervised. This recommendation is also ignored….


During the proceedings Jasmijn (who is now 9 years old) is allowed to testify. She testifies that she has been abused by her father and that she does not want to live with him.


The Hague court rules against Jasmijn and orders her back to the United States. The day this ruling is communicated to Jasmijn she stops eating and has to be submitted to the hospital. She states that she rather die than ever see her father again. She also states she will kill her father if she is forced to live with him.


We appeal, but the Appeals Court ignores this evidence. Jasmijn is allowed to testify again. She testifies that she has been abused and molested by her father and that she does not want to see him anymore. The judges talk to Jasmijn for 3 minutes and when Jasmijn states that she does not want to answer questions about school but that she only wants to discuss the fact that she does not want to see her father anymore, the judges decide that even though Jasmijn is “very angry”, it is all because she is suffering from a “loyalty conflict”.


Loyalty conflict? They arrive at the exact opposite conclusions from a total of 7 mental health experts and Jasmijn’s own testimony. Dr. Zecher is not allowed to testify.

drzecher3The Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, article 13 as determined by The Hague Convention states that when a child expresses strong resistance and/or if the child is in danger when returned, the child does not have to go back. They ordered her to return to the USA! How is suicidal and homicidal ideation NOT resistance exactly?

The judges break their own treaty!

To top things off they demand that I leave The Netherlands. I do not hold citizenship in any other country than The Netherlands. My greencard has expired. Where am I supposed to go?

As it turns out, the Dutch International Court hardly ever allows children to stay, no matter what they face upon return; war, poverty, abuse etc. Only 1% of children are allowed to stay. Every other day a child gets deported from The Netherlands. The primary caregiving parent can often not accompany them. In doing so the Hague Court is in violation with the UN International Treaty and has been for years. Formal complaints with the UN about this non-compliance have been filed, not only by myself but also in unison with other affected parents.

Jasmijn is given 72 hours to return to the U.S. during which Dave not only manipulated local police to perform an illegal house search of Jasmijn’s 81-year old grandmother (who ended up with a heart condition as a result), but he also goes to every single school in our town to look for Jasmijn in order to take her from me. Apalled and shocked school directors call me to inform me. Considering this level of aggression it is a real possibility that Dave has started court proceedings in the U.S. against me and  I am not taking the chance of getting locked up while crossing the border. Handing off my suicidal daughter to this man is not an option either. So I quit my job, pack our Suzuki Swift to the rim with camping gear and we go on the run 🙁


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