Dave does not submit proof of “6 months of drug counseling” as the court has ordered. He submits only 2 attendance signatures from Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, while he was court ordered to attend 6 months of weekly meetings. He skips the last court ordered hair follicle drug test altogether.

At 7 years old, after returning from the 6 week summer visit with Dave, Jasmijn is in a hair-raising state. She offers me a large kitchen knife and asks me to end her life. She bangs her head against the wall until it bleeds. Wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. My GOD what is going on during these visits? I’m at my wits end…


This is a still shot of a video she takes of her father while she is playing with her new camera when skyping with him two weeks after her return.

I place Jasmijn in a small private school in the hopes that more individual attention will help her (Inside Outside School).

Thanksgiving break. Dave does not allow phone or Skype contact with Jasmijn during the visit. He does not bring Jasmijn to court ordered play therapist Francis Macrae in California on a regular basis. He sends accusatory, paranoid emails. Upon return Jasmijn hugs me without wanting to let go.


Jasmijn is enrolled in child play therapy with Kathryn Carter in Austin, Texas. She eventually concludes Jasmijn is processing “humiliation, cruelty and revenge” and notes “sexualized behavior.”


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