Single parenting while working full time is tough and I wish Dave could play more of a role in Jasmijn’s life, so I offer to buy him a car and pay his utility bills should he consider renting an apartment in Austin, TX to spend more extended amounts of time with Jasmijn throughout these visits. He refuses and instead doesn’t show up for 6 months. I practically beg him to at least call Jasmijn every once in a while, or send her a letter or a gift or something…Radio silence


email3email1Jasmijn is growing up to be a happy, cute and confident girl. She’s in a real art school for 4-year olds and having fun with art, music and theatre. When summer vacation rolls around suddenly Dave shows up and demands Jasmijn spend the summer with him in California. The night he picks her up we’re having dinner at Central Market and he tells me he’s taking over the parenting now. OK. Better late than never. Next moment 4-year old Jasmijn hobbles out the door and in to the street while he’s busy checking his cell phone. Oblivious to what’s going on. Concern starts to creep through my stomach in to my throat. I run after Jasmijn.

There she goes. California; 3 weeks. Throughout the entire 3 weeks Jasmijn is allowed only one phone call during which she cries: “daddy only sleeps all day. I want to come home.” A sinking feeling comes through me…

Upon return at the airport I hug her so tight and tell her how much I missed her. Boy was I worried with just that one phone call. At a later date when mentioning this moment Dave accuses me of “traumatizing Jasmijn” by being “overprotective.”

At home Jasmijn starts behaving different. She throws huge tantrums, kicking, hitting and biting herself and me. She is wetting the bed, which hasn’t happened since 2006. What is this unmanageable behavior? The terrible 4s?

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