Many people ask me how in the world I could have gotten involved with Dave H.

My name is Geerte, I am Dutch and have lived in the US from 1988 until 2012 and I am Jasmijn’s mother. Jasmijn has dual citizenship. Dave H. is a US citizen and he is Jasmijn’s father. I am a Fine Artist with a Master of Fine Arts Degree. I owned a Fine Art Gallery in New York City, co-owned 2 Graphic Design businesses and worked as 3D modeler in the animation industry. Since 2006 I have been working as a College Professor International and Visual Communication both in the USA and The Netherlands.

After a short stint with drugs during my College years in the 1980s I ended up putting my experiences to good use as Researcher for the National Institute of Health regarding advice and implementation of Harm Reduction methods with the goal to reform failing Drug Policy. Additionally I volunteered as an Intake Counselor at an alternative Treatment Clinic providing drug addicts with Ibogaine treatments and this is where I was introduced to Dave in 1999. He was one of my patients. Dave had been a heroin and cocaine addict. A few years after his successful treatment with Ibogaine we met again in 2000. He was still clean and rebuilding his life. A friendship developed which grew in to a relationship.

In 2001 we get married and move to Kauai, Hawaii where we buy a house and start a design business together.



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