Full story with evidence

In April 2014, when my daughter Jasmijn was 10 years old, she was brutally deported from The Netherlands to her father Dave H. in Marin County, California despite expert evidence of abuse, molestation and neglect by him, despite the fact that he admitted to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine and despite the fact that he has been diagnosed with Histrionic and Narcissistic personality disorders.

My name is Geerte , I am Dutch and have lived in the US from 1988 until 2012 and I am Jasmijn’s mother. Jasmijn has dual citizenship. Dave H. is a US citizen and he is Jasmijn’s father. I am a Fine Artist with a Master of Fine Arts Degree. I owned a Fine Art Gallery in New York City, co-owned 2 Graphic Design businesses and worked as 3D modeller in the animation industry. Since 2006 I have been working as a College Professor International and Visual Communication both in the USA and The Netherlands.

In short this is the backstory and I have court documentation of all of the following:

After a short stint with drugs during my college years in the 1980s I ended up putting my experiences to good use as Researcher for the National Institute of Health regarding advice and implementation of Harm Reduction methods with the goal to reform failing drug policy. Additionally I volunteered as an intake counsellor at an alternative drug treatment clinic providing drug addicts with Ibogaine treatments and this is where I was introduced to Dave in 1999. He was one of my patients.

Dave had been a heroin, cocaine and pain pills addict since the age of 11.  A few years after his successful treatment with Ibogaine we met again in 2000. He was still clean and rebuilding his life. A friendship developed which grew in to a relationship. Eventually we got married. Shortly after our daughter Jasmijn was born (2004) he unfortunately relapsed with an addiction to heroin. As a result I divorced him. We had been living in California but due to the high cost of living I moved with Jasmijn to the more affordable Austin, Texas. Several years went by where I regularly sent Dave tickets to come spend time with Jasmijn in Austin. Since he seemed to be clean she also spent 3 weeks with him in California when she was 4 years old.  A year later I discovered he had relapsed again with crack and heroin and I was reluctant to send Jasmijn over for the summer visit. He then started accusing me of planning to abduct Jasmijn. When that strategy didn’t work he claimed I was alienating him from Jasmijn. The case went to trial in 2010.

Regardless of the fact that Dave admitted to his severe addiction to heroin and crack, Judge McManus of Nevada County Court, California decided that Jasmijn should still visit, unsupervised with him, for 10 weeks every year (I had moved to Texas). He was ordered to undergo drug testing but did not pass several of the tests or skipped them. He also skipped court ordered drug treatment. Judge McManus had promised that Jasmijn would not have to visit with him if the tests were dirty but she did nothing to stop the visits. By this time I was deeply in debt from paying legal fees as there are no pro bono family court attorneys  in California so I could not fight the visitation arrangement.

Jasmijn returned from every visit with increased depression. At school she started sharing stories about getting locked in the closet and the house by her father (while he would leave for extended amounts of time). The school filed reports with Child Family Services (CPS) but nothing happened. At 7 years old, in 2011, after returning from visitation with her father, she handed me the kitchen knife and asked me to end her life. She also started mutilating herself. Court-ordered child play therapy, that she had been attending since age 6, offered her a place to process. It eased the symptoms somewhat; it helped calm her down. Child Therapist Kathryn Carter noted, however, that Jasmijn was processing “humiliation, cruelty and revenge” and noted “sexualized behaviors.” But Jasmijn wouldn’t talk about what was happening that made her so angry and depressed.  A year later, at age 8, during a family visit in The Netherlands she finally broke down and told me that her father had been molesting her during the visitations. This had been going on since she was 4 years old. He threatened her and said that if she told anyone about it she would not get anything to eat. “And momma, I was growing so much. I was hungry all the time.” She also told me that her father took her to pick up boxes with unlabelled bottles of white powder in a suburb of San Francisco. At home he cut up this white powder at the kitchen table and then processed it in capsules with a small machine. He had also offered this powder to her on several occasions throughout multiple visits.

I contacted the police and got referred to the Dutch CPS (Algemeen Meldpunt Kindermishandeling, Bureau Jeugdzorg Hilversum). They had her physically examined and put her under psychiatric care to help her deal with the depression. I didn’t know what to do with my mother being ill and Jasmijn telling these stories. I decided to wait and see what the investigation by the State Children’s Mental Health Institute GGNet Jeugd would bring forth. Since it was a state facility we had no choice in electing a specific treatment provider. Jasmijn got assigned to Child Psychiatrist Dr. Zecher in Apeldoorn and a team of 3 psychologists (H. Greutink, G. Anthony, P. Lugtenborg) and a neurologist (K. Franken).

8 months of extensive psychiatric testing (verbal, non-verbal and neurological), investigation and treatment of Jasmijn by this team lead to shocking conclusions of molestation, abuse and neglect. Besides mentioning the molestation in exchange for food, the offers of white powder and getting locked up, Jasmijn also revealed to Dr. Zecher that her father slept day and night, had bloody bandages around his arms and left her wandering around town to buy food for herself (at 6 years old). She also had memory issues that pointed to substance abuse. Jasmijn received treatment to tackle the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder she had started to develop as a result of the “severely disturbed” relationship with her father.

Nevertheless I made sure Dave and Jasmijn remained in touch via Skype at least once a week. Once the psychological test results and recommendations were in, I informed him of what had been revealed throughout our stay in The Netherlands. At that point I realized it had become impossible for me to return to the US since I did not have the financial means for another custody trial.

When confronted with these findings Dave started proceedings with the International Court in The Hague to demand Jasmijn come back to the US. He did not accept my offer of an international supervised visitation arrangement within the mandatory mediation rounds. He kept on insisting that it was his right as an American citizen to have ownership of Jasmijn. So we headed to court, once again…

Even though the Court decided that this case was not a case of child abduction since Dave had consented with our prolonged family visit, Judges Bellaart, van Steen, Dragtsma, Mink, Stille en Lückers still handled the case according to the “Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction“! Multiple findings and test results by the State mental health professionals from GGNet Jeugd had led to recommendations against any form of contact between Dave and Jasmijn, but the court decided to ignore these results……

Dave H admitted to the court that he had a severe drug addiction to heroin and crack cocaine, that he hadn’t passed drug tests, had not followed court-ordered drug treatment and the custody evaluation pointed to both a Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality disorder. The court decided to ignore this evidence as well…

A formal independent psychological investigation of Jasmijn by the court’s appointed psychologist also resulted in a recommendation to the court that Jasmijn should not under any circumstance have contact with her father, not even supervised……This recommendation was also ignored……

During the proceedings Jasmijn was allowed to testify twice. She was now 9 years old. Both times she testified that she had been abused and molested by her father from age 4 through age 8 and that she rather die than ever see him again. She also stated she would kill her father if she was forced to live with him. ……..This testimony was also ignored…….

The judges talked to Jasmijn for 3 minutes and when she stated that she did not want to answer questions about school but that she only wanted to discuss the fact that she did not want to see her father anymore the judges decided that even though Jasmijn was “very angry”, it was all because she was suffering from a “loyalty conflict”. Thereby arriving at the exact opposite conclusions from a total of 6 mental health experts and Jasmijn’s own testimony. They ordered her to return to the USA!

The Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, article 13 as determined by The Hague Convention states that when a child expresses strong resistance and/or if the child is in danger when returned, the child does not have to go back.

The judges broke their own treaty!

To top things off they demanded that I leave The Netherlands. I do not hold citizenship in any other country than The Netherlands and my greencard had expired. Where was I supposed to go?

As it turns out, the Dutch International Court hardly ever allows children to stay, no matter what they face upon return. Only 1% of children is allowed to stay. Every other day a child gets deported from The Netherlands. The primary caregiving parent can often not accompany them. In doing so the Hague Court is in violation with the UN international treaty and has been for years. UNICEF reports the disappearances of these Dutch children and holds The Dutch government responsible. Formal complaints with the UN about this non-compliance have been filed, not only by myself but also in unison with other affected parents.

Jasmijn was given 72 hours to return to the U.S. during which Dave not only manipulated local police to perform an illegal house search of Jasmijn’s 81-year old grandmother (who ended up with a heart condition as a result), but he also went to every single school in our town to look for her in order to take her from me. School directors were calling me, appalled and in shock. In fear of the fact that he could have started court proceedings in the U.S. against me and the very real possibility of getting locked up while crossing the border as a result, I decided to stay. Handing off my suicidal daughter to this man was not an option. I quit my job, packed our Suzuki Swift with camping gear and we went on the run.

For 8 months we traveled through Europe driving from one place to the next, while I homeschooled Jasmijn. However, this was not a scenario that had a long-term sustainability factor. Jasmijn had the right to a normal childhood or at least something that resembles that, so we returned to The Netherlands and she went back to school. We hoped for the best. Every day I dropped her off at school I wondered whether I would see her again.

Normality however, was not in the cards for Jasmijn. On April 22nd of 2014 she was brutally deported in a way that can only be compared to the manner in which Nazis removed Jews from their homes in The Netherlands during World War 2. On our way to school, we both got jumped from the bushes by an entire SWAT team in black combat gear plus 4 Dutch Child Family Services (Raad van de Kinderbescherming/Bureau Jeugdzorg) employees. Our neighbors witnessed the entire atrocious deportation. Jasmijn was hauled away kicking and screaming. They dragged her into a car with tinted windows and took off. We did not get a chance to say goodbye and she was not allowed to take any of her personal belongings. I found out later that she vomited in the car on the way to the airport…

Since then she has been living against her will with her father in Fairfax, California with whom she hasn’t lived since she was a baby.

In the meantime I was strip-searched and handcuffed and thrown in jail without any valid charges against me – this to prevent me from stopping the deportation through Summary Proceedings. As such my Constitutional Rights were violated and the entire deportation is in fact ILLEGAL. As such Dave H needs to be criminally prosecuted for kidnapping and The Netherlands is obligated to bring Jasmijn back!

Once this story unfolded in the media the people of The Netherlands understood that injustice had occurred in the courts of The Hague. All charges against me were dropped. The case got discussed in the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives). Secretary of State Mr. Teeven got asked questions about this case. (Yes, this is the same guy who was forced to resign 10 months later due to taking a 5 million euro drug bribe and the same guy who is currently a witness in the largest pedophile scandal to ever hit The Netherlands). His answers, however, were kept top secret. Why?

The King and Queen of The Netherlands then worked together in unison with the Ministry of Safety and Justice as well as the Dutch Child Protective Services to inform the local authorities in Marin County California. The case continues to be followed closely in the Dutch media.

Immediately after the deportation it became clear that Dave H had somehow gotten the case transferred from Nevada County Superior Court, CA to Marin County Superior Court, CA. How is this possible? He is the Respondent! Only the Petitioner can move the case and I am the Petitioner! No one had notified me of this transfer! This is illegal and I have been told that a Judge who allows this is guilty of treason! And so is an attorney who doesn’t report it!

A month after the deportation Dave H submitted a motion to Marin County Superior Court. He attached my bank statements and emails from my email account that were not sent to him. I haven’t shared any financial information with him since 2005 and I did not share an email account with him. He had hacked my bank account as well as my email account!  Additionally he attached mysterious emails between him and a member of a “federation” that is apparently involved with occult activities who had been helping him plan Jasmijn’s abduction since 2009! None of this is apparently a problem to Marin County Court.

Right after the deportation Child Protective Services visited Jasmijn at Dave’s home. Marin County CPS called me afterwards and said Jasmijn “was playing on the floor” so “there was no molestation.”

The Ministery of Safety and Justice called in an alert via the Dutch Child Family Services (Bureau Jeugdzorg) two months later and Child Family Services of Marin County (CFS), California received the reports from the Children’s State Mental Health Institute (GGNet Jeugd) about the abuse and molestation. Marin County Child Family Services tried to make another visit but were not let in to the house by Dave.

Ms. Brooks from Marin County CFS said without being able to interview Jasmijn, she was unable to conduct an investigation, or close the case as anything other than “inconclusive”. She said she was unable to close the case as “unfounded” because the father was denying access to the child. Finally Dave allowed Marin County CFS to interview Jasmijn at their office but later Marin County CFS admitted that Dave had been present during their meeting with Jasmijn. They did not launch a formal child sexual abuse investigation, regardless of 6 extensive reports about molestation, abuse, and neglect! They did not request the court to test Dave for drug use either!

Why did Marin County CFS not launch an investigation after receiving dirty court-ordered drug tests, skipped court-ordered drug treatment, expert evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect, Dave’s diagnosis of Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorders and the fact that Dave was not allowing them access to her? Why did they interview her in the presence of her father? Why did they not remove her from his custody and launch a formal child sexual abuse investigation? Why did they not request the Court to test Dave for drug use? Why don’t they care that he has hacked my bank account? Marin County CFS doesn’t mind crime?

I then requested the court to launch an independent psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn. But Dave refused, unless he could “unilaterally” chose an evaluator and I would pay for all of it.

Following all of this in July 2014, Marin County Court custody mediator Kristan Diefenbach then interviewed Jasmijn:

  1. She did not ask Jasmijn any questions about possible abuse or molestation.
  2. She did not look at the extensive expert evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect.
  3. She did not investigate the evidence of drug addiction confirmed by Nevada County, CA court.
  4. She ignored the fact that Dave had been diagnosed with Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorders during the 2010 custody evaluation
  5. She did not order a psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn, regardless of the fact that she noted “unusual behavior” of Jasmijn.
  6. She did not mind that Dave refused an independent psychiatric investigation of Jasmijn.
  7. She did not mind that Dave did not allow Marin County CPS to have access to Jasmijn.
  8. She did not mind that Dave has hacked my bank account.

Instead, she recommended to the court that Jasmijn should permanently live with Dave and I should get 1 hour of Skype a week with Jasmijn! Why did mediator Kristan Diefenbach make such recommendations?

A custody trial was set for October 6th, 2014. Dr. Zecher, the state-appointed Child Psychiatrist plus Dr. Greutink, one of the 3 Child Psychologists who investigated, tested and diagnosed Jasmijn in The Netherlands were supposed to fly to the U.S. and testify about the evidence of abuse, molestation and severe neglect Jasmijn suffered at the hands of Dave. However, on September 19th during a sudden “settlement conference” Judge Beverly Wood from Marin County Superior Court in California forced me not to pursue the custody trial and it was removed from the calendar. This so-called “conference” took place in a backroom of the court without the presence of a court reporter! I was present via Skype on the mobile phone of my attorney Jennifer Knops who at that point worked for Schoenberg Family Law in San Francisco. Judge Beverly Wood started off yelling: “It’s all in your head, you are crazy and you should should seek psychiatric help”, thereby supposedly referring to the custody evaluation performed by Dr Dugan in 2010. When I responded that in that very report Dr. Dugan had concluded that I was not suffering from any mental illness, she got even more furious and accused Jasmijn of lying about the abuse! She ranted to the point that I could no longer get a word in. She guaranteed that “if I were to pursue the planned custody trial I would lose it and all contact with Jasmijn would be terminated”. Additionally she would seize the assets of my mother to pay for Dave’s attorney fees (there are none). My own attorney Jennifer Knops urged me to comply with Judge Wood’s threat!

Read all about the fraudulent activities and obstruction of justice by Judge Beverly Wood. Check out this lawsuit against her: she does this with every Protective Mother. There are entire support groups with dozens of her victims. Marin County Court has been audited for mishandling child custody cases for many years.

Dave had promised The Hague Court judges not to start any proceedings against me in the U.S. However, he had gone on a worldwide manhunt with 12 organizations, including the Marin County District Attorney and the FBI. Because Judge Wood is a Civil Court judge, she could therefor not guarantee a safe border crossing. She gave me 3 days to check with the FBI to see whether an international visitation arrangement could even be drawn up. Within those 3 days I contacted my attorney Ms. Ariane Hendriks of Van Kempen Advocaten in The Netherlands and Ms. Hendriks told me that it is impossible for the court in Marin County to seize family assets in The Netherlands. She also stated that the letter from Marin County DA Edward Berberian was not a guarantee for a safe border crossing.

So I then contacted my attorney in the U.S., Ms. Jennifer Knops, and let her know that I did not want to sign the “agreement” because of threats by Judge Wood plus the fact that an international visitation arrangement was not possible. Attorney Jennifer Knops then let me know that the stipulated order had already been filed with the court without my signature and she was not willing to undo it. Even though I had to sell my house to pay Ms. Knops a total of $60,000 for the trial preparation procedure, she dropped me as her client.  Completely bankrupted and due to the lack of funds to gather another $20,000 for a another attorney retainer, I have been acting “pro se” (without representation) ever since.

Following that, Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter, tried to serve me a modification of that stipulated court order via email, demanding that I pay for all Dave’s attorney fees. In court she claimed to Judge Adams that she had “evidence of mail delivery” even though she emailed me asking why the mail she sent me was being returned undelivered. In that motion Kelly Reiter and Dave fabricated some astronomical salary I supposedly make in order to demand a huge monthly amount of child support and claimed that Dave only makes $2000,- a month which does not add up whatsoever considering that he paid his attorney Kelly Reiter a $100.000 retainer amongst other facts such as trips to The Netherlands, New York, Vermont, Canada etc

In August 2014 Jasmijn underwent an emergency life-threatening operation for a ruptured appendix. Dave did not call me to inform me of this event. I got an email instead. Because I was traveling with my mother in a remote area of The Netherlands at that time I saw the email only after the fact. At that point it took several communications between the lawyers before I was allowed a 1 minute of phone contact with Jasmijn. The only minute of phone contact I have had since her deportation.

After the abduction Dave let me know he monitors and edits all emails between Jasmijn and me. Six weeks after the abduction I was allowed to Skype with Jasmijn for the first time, supervised at $50,- an hour in which we were only to speak English. It started at once a week 1 hour. At the end of November 2014, Skype got reduced to 15 minutes once a month without an order of the Court. According to Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter, I supposedly promised Jasmijn she would return to me in The Netherlands. However, she had ordered Supervisor Tiffany Welter not to take any notes of the visits (which is illegal according to the California Uniform Standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation 5.20) plus Supervisor Tiffany Welter denied these claims (rightfully so, since I never said ANY such things). Attorney Kelly Reiter threatened to cut off all contact.

Skype time consistently deteriorated as a result. Jasmijn and I were not allowed contact during Jasmijn’s birthday, my birthday, her grandmother’s birthday, Christmas, Easter or any other important days. While the Court order supposedly stated we should have contact multiple times a week and with an increase of contact over time, all contact has seized since May 8th, 2015. There has been no sign of life since.

Jasmijn is supposedly in therapy with Child Psychologist Jessica Sherman in Marin County, CA. Ms. Sherman, however, has not responded to my requests for her reports, which she is supposed to. Jasmijn’s schools, Manor Elementary School as well as White Hill Middle School in Fairfax have not released any of her school records to me either. White Hill Middle School has told me that I am not allowed to call to find out whether Jasmijn is still alive. As such both schools are breaking the law in a very serious manner (read the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

After raising her as a single mother for 10 years, Jasmijn is now living with her father at an undisclosed location. The Fairfax Police Department, the Marin Sheriff’s Department and the Marin DA are unwilling to perform mandatory welfare checks on Jasmijn. They are unwilling to provide me with her address as well. The reasons are unknown.

Unfortunately Jasmijn and I are not the only victims of such Human Rights violations. Here are the lawyers, mediators, child advocates and affected parents who beg and cry for justice at the Judicial Council of California in October 2014. There have been several suicides amongst children in Jasmijn’s situation over the last year…

On February 27th 2015, I took the Dutch Child Protective Services to court for their barbaric treatment of Jasmijn. Two months later Judges S.M.J. van Dijk, S.M. Spruijt-Mets and E.K.L.M. Haffmans of the Dutch Court concluded that they found no fault with the Dutch CPS for the way they deported Jasmijn!

The BIG problem here for all residents of The Netherlands is the attitude and subsequent ruling of the Dutch Court. Judges in The Netherlands clearly have no regard for Human Rights. This is highly regrettable and incomprehensible in light of our collective European history.

Marin County Superior Court, Dave’s attorney Ms. Reiter, the Fairfax Police Department, the Marin Sheriff’s Department, the Marin DA, CPS, Jasmijn’s school, her therapist Ms. Jessica Sherman, plus the Skype supervisor Tiffany Welter have not been willing to release any information and/or records about Jasmijn, even though I have a right to such records, since I am her mom and I’m acting pro se (without a lawyer). Meanwhile Dave sends thugs to my house in The Netherlands to threaten me about child support.

During a review hearing in January 2016 Judge Adams stated that she talked to Jasmijn on December 23rd, 2015. However, I have not been sent any evidence of this. Marin County Court has consistently refused to send me the court orders in The Netherlands. Judge Adams ruled that she allows the father to get away with breaking her own court orders and she is not willing to investigate the matter through a 3118 child sexual abuse investigation and drug testing of the father. She is not facilitating contact between my daughter and me and she is not allowing me to know where my daughter lives either.

I have had absolutely NO contact with Jasmijn since May 8th, 2015. If Judge Adams did actually speak to Jasmijn on December 23rd, 2015 then that is the last sign of life I have received of Jasmijn. Such extreme maternal deprivation is considered as severe child abuse by experts (10 to 25 minute mark) and grounds for reversal of custody (30 to 32 minute mark). Why is Judge Adams submitting Jasmijn to such torture?

As I told Judge Adams and opposing counsel during that hearing: if there is no justice in Family Court then it is up to the Court of Public Opinion to decide what they think of this hostage situation. So I started mailing politicians and other governmental organizations in both the US and The Netherlands to bring awareness to Jasmijn’s case and the global plight of Protective Mothers.

On January 29th, 2016 I got good news! After a preliminary investigation National Child Ombudsman Marc Dullaert announced that he has taken on Jasmijn’s case. This is very encouraging. Not just for Jasmijn but for all children in her situation, now and in the future. Simultaneously The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights stated that they have registered the case! Several changes to laws and regulations have been proposed. No child should have to endure the Human Rights violations she is going through and neither should their Protective Mothers!

Media exposure continues and Silent Voices invited me on their show for an interview about Jasmijn’s story, Mothers of Lost Children featured Jasmijn’s Story on their website, The Women’s Coalition requested me to participate in their Mainstream Media campaign, Jasmijn’s story is part of a documentary about judicial child trafficking and CCN Live TV did an in-depth 2-hour interview about Jasmijn’s case. Jasmijn’s case is discussed on  Blog Talk Radio Show “Progress in the World”  and the Blog Talk Radio Show “Stop Child Abuse Now” and appeared in another Dutch newspaper article (Google Translated HERE)

Blog talk radio station WINN invited me to host a weekly blog talk radio show called HELL is for Children to raise awareness about the plight of Protective Mother’s worldwide! After 6 successful months the talk show was transferred to CCN Live TV! The show now happens every Saturday at 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 CET) and episodes are also archived on youtube. Announcements to each show are posted on the Free Jasmijn Facebook page.

After carefully reviewing the case the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts officially announced they are going to bat for Jasmijn! The Executive Director Jill Jones-Soderman PhD, MSW, MSHS is a Psychoanalyst, a Clinical Mental Health Supervisor, a Mediator, Forensic Expert, Author, Public speaker and Whistle Blower! This is VERY HOPEFUL!

In the summer of 2016 Dave requested the court to allow him to travel with Jasmijn internationally, whenever and wherever he wants without my permission or permission from the court in order to completely strip me of my parental rights. Even though Dave and his attorney Kelly Reiter have unilaterally blocked all contact with Jasmijn since May 2015, Dave claims to the court that I have a “negative influence” on Jasmijn that is “detrimental to her well-being” and tweets that I am a “parental alienator”. I’ll leave it up to you, the reader, to make up your own mind about this.

During the Court Watch for the hearing hundreds of Protective Mothers worldwide emailed and called the judge! Some even drove 4 hours to be present in the court room! Judge Adams DENIED his request at the September 27th hearing!

For a total of 2 years Marin County Superior Court blocked me from accessing my court records and filing motions but I finally got help to break through their barricade! I have taken up the study of California Family Law and I am now a self-represented litigant fighting for Jasmijn from The Netherlands.  First motion I filed? Order to Show Cause and Affidavit for CONTEMPT! Jasmijn’s father Dave H faces 20 months in jail and a $10.000 fine! By filing Contempt against the father I finally got Judge Adams to enforce Skype contact. After a total of 564 days without a sign of life I finally had Skype with Jasmijn on November 22nd, 2016.

During the contempt procedures it came to light Dave H was suffering from brain cancer. I filed a motion for modification of custody, but during the pre-trial hearings Judge Adams did not provide any judicial measures to safeguard Jasmijn’s interests might her father pass unexpectedly, despite my frequent requests. Dave H passed away on April 30, 2017. As a result the Family Law case was abated. It then suddenly came to light that in October 2016, Dave H had appointed his brother Chris from New York as Guardian of Jasmijn, supposedly at Jasmijn’s own request. This guardianship arrangement had been completed without an order from the court and without notifying me. Jasmijn, at 13 years old, now has her own attorney, who filed an ex parte request in Probate Court. Two days later, on 05/04/2017, Judge Simmons of Marin County Superior Probate Court granted custody of Jasmijn to her estranged uncle Chris in New York, even though I am the surviving parent and I still have full custody in The Netherlands! This ruling directly violates the UCCJEA, California law, Dutch Law, International Law, and my Fourth and Fourth Amendment Constitutional Rights to parent Jasmijn. Since then Uncle Chris has abandoned Jasmijn with an unknown woman in Marin County, California.

Stay tuned and a HUGE thank you to the thousands of FREE JASMIJN supporters from all over the world! Together we will get her home!


To be continued…


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