Global judicial child trafficking – causes and solutions

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Why are Protective Mothers losing custody of their children worldwide at pandemic rates? Let’s look at the causes of these Human Rights violations, the impact on humanity and what needs to change.

As the mother of Jasmijn it is needless to say that my feelings  are deeply hurt by her abduction. I hold no criminal record anywhere in the world. I have never been diagnosed with any personality disorders and I haven’t used drugs or alcohol since my college years in the 1980s. I have been a productive member of society in my career as professional Fine Artist and College Professor that spans over 25 years. No evidence has ever been submitted to any court as to why I would be an unfit mother. I raised Jasmijn as a single mother and was her primary caregiver from the day she was born on January 5th, 2004 to the day she was so brutally abducted in April, 2014. Her father barely showed any interest in her throughout these years. Yet, the courts facilitated her sudden abduction by him, regardless of the fact that he admitted to the court that he is a heroin and cocaine addict, regardless of the fact that he is identified as a child molester by a total of 7 experts in the U.S. and The Netherlands and regardless of the fact that he has been diagnosed with narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders (also evidenced by the fact that he cut ALL communication between Jasmijn and me for 564 days, then had to be forced to comply by the Court under penalty of jail time  – 10 minute to 25 minute mark). Such an abrupt, brutal and ongoing break feels like an amputation without anesthetics. Other mothers who are the victim of court-ordered child abduction, have compared the mourning process to the passing of a child, except an abduction is possibly even worse because the child is still alive and there is no closure. I miss Jasmijn in ways and depths that cannot be put in to words…but our Mother-Daughter bond is sacred and can never be broken. It transcends time and space. No amount of toys, new clothes, trips to Disney Land, pets, stepmoms etc. can EVER replace a mother. Neither can a mother be erased from the child’s essence. A child only has one mother.

So why did this happen to Jasmijn and me?

Why and how are children trafficked through the global family courts?

Jasmijn’s case is unfortunately not an exception. Worldwide Protective Mothers are losing custody of their children to the abusive fathers of their children at rates that have reached pandemic proportions. Academic research shows that there are an estimated 2 million Protective Mothers in the USA alone. So what is a Protective Mother? Listen to my 10 minute recording:

As explained in this audio recording: when mothers and/or their children report abuse by the fathers of the children, the abusive fathers falsely accuse the Protective Mothers of “parental alienation syndrome” (invented by pedophile Richard Gardner) and/or “mental instability.” Family Courts then award full custody of the children to the abusive fathers and place Protective Mothers on supervised visitation or no-contact orders. Vengeful fathers act in collusion with the federally funded Fathers’ Rights pro-abuse industry to steal children from their mothers in order to continue their Domestic Reign of Terror, avoid paying child support and continue to abuse and molest their children.

Much, if not most child pornography is created by fathers who have full custody of their children. Judicial sex-trafficking of children is rife.


Protective Mothers who have lost their children are financially destroyed trying to litigate their cases, which can also lead to incarceration. They cannot always endure the torturous loss of their children, their homes, finances etc. Suicides are not uncommon. Many mothers get killed by their abusive ex.

protectivemothermurdersSeveral of the Protective Mother suicides are listed here.

There are children in Jasmijn’s situation who do not survive maternal deprivation and the forced trauma-bonding therapy during which they are taught to reject their mothers as “crazy” and/or “dangerous.” Listen to the surviving children such as Victoria, who is still a hostage in Spain,  Sabrina and Alex who are still hostages in the U.S., James, a U.S. survivor, Brian, a U.S. survivor, and these two survivors in Australia to see for yourself what terror they endure(d). Neuroscientists have discovered that the Adverse Childhood Experiences they experience are, in fact, so “poisonous,” that they alter the brain circuitry of children, impacting their mental, physical, social and emotional development, as well as their interpersonal relationships, with lifetime consequences. Suicides are not uncommon. Several of these child suicides are listed here.

According to academic research there is a clear War on Mothers and Children in the USA. That is not to say that non-abusive fathers are not also affected by corrupt U.S. Family Court, but it happens to them in much smaller numbers (25%) and they usually still end up with shared custody. 82% of all abusive fathers are granted full custody. Dr. Saunders of the U.S. Department of Justice concluded that fathers are 16 times more likely to lie about abuse than mothers and that the MMPI tests used in custody evaluations are grossly inappropriate to use in Domestic Violence cases because the test results falsely identify the results of Domestic Violence trauma inflicted upon the mothers as psychological instability. The American Bar Association agrees that pervasive custody myths about mothers ruin the lives of children. Yet, the federally funded pro-abuse industry awards abusive, vengeful fathers custody of our children because it functions like a corporation that profits from its victims. It is paid for by your tax dollars. This pro-pedophile Fathers’ Rights mafia is a conglomeration of the following organisations: the AFCC, HHS, CRC, CPR, OCSE, TANF, PSI and CPPS. Over the last 30 years or so this U.S and UN agenda of terror has achieved global reach with specifically severe results in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

childsworstinterestThe United Nations has a clear global pedophile agenda and pushes educational material in schools worldwide aimed at sexualizing children as young as 1 years old.

In order to place Jasmijn’s hostage situation in a larger context and to show the pattern to all our collective cases I have started a database (which will be extended to include other countries – Fall of 2016). Submissions are welcome.

All over the world Protective Mothers lose their children to abusive fathers as well as to their governments; by the hundreds of thousands every year. In Australia 50.000 children a year are removed the state. The United States 1 out of every 25 children is placed in foster care. In The Netherlands alone, a country with 17 million inhabitants, an average of 20.000 children are removed from loving parents by the state every year, which costs tax payers 1.2 billion Euros a year. In the UK that number is 10.000 per year. Look at this expert Human Rights report about “legalized kidnapping ” submitted to the European Parliament about Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. All over Europe parents take to the streets to protest this “nazi regime.” Whistleblowing attorneys and other professionals get retaliated against, leading to loss of employment and jail time.

australiaAn estimated 800 billion dollars per year is generated in the U.S alone from this financial kids-for-cash child-trafficking revenue machine, through the judicial system, child protective service agencies, the foster care system, the pedophile mafia, the pharmaceutical industry, the drug trade and the mental health industry. The global annual revenue is estimated to be around 3 trillion dollars, which is more than the global illegal weapons and drug trade combined. Whistleblowers like Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband got murdered for exposing the truth. Mainstream media is not covering the topics of 42 million U.S. victims of child sex abuse,  judicial and governmental child trafficking, and such topics are not being addressed by policy makers. As such we can only conclude that the powers at be at the United Nations seem to have a vested interest in exercising control over the next generation(s) (5:50 minute mark), which is much easier when kids are physically, psychologically and emotionally damaged. Author Aleah Holland RN states that this agenda is the essence of the Nazi Germany’s developed “trauma-based mind control” techniques (43.35 min mark) as developed by the Tavistock Institute, further developed by Josef Mengele in Auschwitz and transported post WW2 to the United States via Operation Paperclip. Let’s not forget; abuse breeds abuse, and trauma is the oil that keeps the pro-abuse revenue machine up and running; producing damaged generations that are easily manipulated to serve as compliant citizens in a global system dominated by an extremely small, mostly white male, powerful elite. Free-thinking mothers pose a big threat to their male entitlement control agenda, therefor they attempt to paralyze mothers through trauma, inflicted by stealing their children and financial devastation through the global pro-abuse Family Court/CPS regime.


In their 2014 annual report, the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children released the following statistics regarding children who disappear due to abduction, sexual exploitation and abuse: 500.000 in the U.S., a 100.000 in Germany, 32.000 in South-Korea, etc. The FBI admits that annually 700.000 children are sex-trafficked in the USA alone and that they won’t interfere because The White House is involved. From these statistics it would be fair to conclude that an estimated 2 million children disappear every year, which amounts to 20 million children per decade. This is extremely disturbing! Where do these children go? Total those numbers with the numbers of children who suffer abuse (6.6 million children every year in the U.S. alone), on the run from wars (8 million), placed in foster care (5 million estimate) and the world average of 50% divorce rate, it can only be concluded that the current generation of children is being destroyed and as such we are facing a severe humanitarian crisis that impacts generations to come.

On a global scale Protective Mothers are judicially retaliated against when speaking out about their cases in public. This flies in the face of the basic Human Right called Freedom of Speech. As a result thousands of Protective Mothers now congregate in closed and secret Facebook groups and via encrypted messenger apps to seek all types of support (judicial, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial etc) in order to make it through the torturous ordeal and prevent suicide and murder. As such the pandemic is hidden. If Protective Mothers speak up and/or take action to protect their children they often face severe criminal punishment resulting in multiple years of incarceration. A few of those Protective Mothers who have been incarcerated or are currently incarcerated as a result of trying to protect their child(ren) are listed here.


Besides feeling extreme pain and sadness about Jasmijn’s broken childhood, I also feel anger and frustration regarding the intent of authorities that purposefully enable this tragedy to manifest and continue to support her hostage situation. My heart bleeds for every single mother and child caught up in this hell.

Together with other Protective Mothers around the world I work to hold governments and their judicial systems accountable for their role in the lives of all children around the globe. Amendment and enforcement measures to existing legislation and run-amok kangaroo-court practices must be created in order to stop court-ordered child trafficking to abusive fathers and state agencies and stop these disappearances! The only way out of this nightmare is by taking financial incentives out of the equation and exposing their control agenda. Human Rights and financial incentives don’t mix. Ever!

Possible Solutions:

In order to end the pro-abuse profit industry and end legal abuse inflicted by abusive fathers, custody insurance should be made available and made mandatory for all parents involved in custody battles. Custody insurance would guarantee equal legal representation for both parents. Any individual employed in family judicial procedures should receive a mental health screening, should be  thoroughly trained in recognizing all forms of domestic violence (including all forms of coercive control) and paid an equal hourly average government wage to prevent profit incentives. All (suspected) child abuse cases should be handled in criminal court, through jury trials. This includes Maternal Deprivation, which is considered a severe form of child abuse by experts (30 minute to 32 minute mark). Any type of Family Court procedure should consist of juries, to prevent judicial discrimination by individual judges. Audio/video recording of all court procedures should be mandatory in all court rooms in order to provide complete transparency and accountability. Judicial immunity needs to be abolished. Judges must be held accountable for their decisions at Human Rights Tribunals.

Domestic Violence, including all forms of coercive control needs to addressed on all levels of education so Adverse Childhood Experiences can be detected early on and prevented swiftly. Sociopathy and Pedophilia can be detected by MRI brain scans and research needs to be conducted regarding timely and effective prevention of manifestation. In the meantime: a massive global manhunt must be set up to go after all pedophiles. Life in prison for whoever engages in this, in whatever form and let’s remove the statute of limitations (Jessica’s Law).

In the United States women and children have no Constitutional Rights. The U.S. Congress must change this to ensure equal Human Rights. The U.S. must pass the Equal Rights Amendment, ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women as well as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, including the Optional Protocols. In The Netherlands and other European countries children have no Constitutional Rights either, so this must change as well. The European Parliament must force European countries to adhere to the European Constitution regarding Children’s Rights. All around the globe child protective service agencies get financially rewarded for every child they remove from perfectly fit, loving parents. The focus should be on prevention of child abuse instead and when child protective service agencies fail to prevent child abuse they must get fined for every child that needs to be removed, instead of rewarded. A massive audit in to each country’s federal funding of any program related to child abuse and domestic violence needs to occur to ensure such funding is not misappropriated! Fatherhood federal funding must be stopped immediately, as it is discriminatory.

Regarding international custody situations: the international community must facilitate Protective Mothers with the ability to relocate to their country of origin. The international organisation GlobalARRK that fights for such rights of Protective Mothers and their children has concluded that only 1% of Protective Mothers is allowed to do so. We can therefore conclude that The Hague Convention Treaty has become a Fathers’ Rights deportation treaty. Expert evidence of domestic violence, child abuse and child molestation must trigger article 13 of that treaty. In today’s global mobile society there should be global jurisdiction of children. Additionally, expert testimony and evidence from one country’s court should be allowed in all other countries as well and all judiciary actions should be executed in English. An international multi-disciplinary United Nations judicial oversight committee must be created to ensure proper equal implementation of this treaty by Hague Convention judges and the Central Authority in order to prevent Human Rights violations of Protective Mothers and their children. Then again, as mentioned previously, the United Nations appears to be the root of all this evil to begin with, so we must ask ourselves whether will we stand by and allow rogue, unethical treaties disguised as “Human Rights agreements” to ruin family lives?

Last but not least: children need to be allowed to have a voice in what happens to them, their voices must be heard and their experiences need to be taken seriously. They should never be removed from their mother unless there is expert evidence presented that the mother is a danger to the child. Children have the basic Human Right right to be safe at all times and they need to be respected in their feelings and choices. We owe it to our children, ourselves, future generations and humanity as a whole.

We need a massive global strike, demand the immediate return of the millions of Stolen Kids and expose and dismantle the New World Order, by many means necessary.

Sitting Bull: “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”


Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn