Judge Adams takes orders from child molester

Judge Verna Adams of Marin County Court accepts fake claims of income plus fake proof of service by Dave H. and his attorney Kelly Reiter. It’s time the Feds investigate this “ground zero” court!

On the 7th of November, 2014, a court hearing took place in Marin County Court, with Judge Verna Adams. Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter had emailed me beforehand to let me know that the motion she sent me for this hearing was returned to her by the Postal Service with status “refused.” Correct. I have not received any mail from Kelly Reiter since July 2014.



Since I was not properly served, I did not attend. Attorney Kelly Reiter, however, claimed to Judge Verna Adams that her motion was “timely served by express mail”:


In this hearing Dave told Judge Verna Adams that I live “rent-free” and that I make $6,725 a month as a college professor, which is total nonsense. Judge Verna Adams excepted this outrageous fictious salary amount even though I was not present, no salary slips were provided and the reality of income by adjunct professors both in the U.S. and in Europe is less than 1/3 of what Dave claimed. She ordered me to pay $1,163 a month in child support as well as $25,373.50 for Dave’s attorney fees:

money2Marin County is the Beverly Hills of Northern California and holds the highest real estate prices in the U.S.A. Celebrities such as the late Robin Williams, Sean Penn, Carlos Santana, George Lucas, Tony Bennett etc., just to name a few, own property in Marin County. According to Dave, he can survive in Marin County making only $2029,- a month:

money3Let’s do a little math to arrive at a conservative estimate. We know he had the following expenses in 2014:

  • A two-bedroom apartment in Marin County, California costs at least $2500, – a month
  • He also rents an office in the center of Fairfax which costs at least $800,- a month
  • Car, gas, utilities, (health) insurance – at least another $700,- a month?
  • Clothes for Jasmijn – after all, she arrived there with nothing but her school bag
  • Wait! They have to eat too. How about at least another $600,- a month?
  • Plane tickets to abduct Jasmijn to California from the Netherlands
  • Plane tickets for him and Jasmijn back and forth to New York and Maine – summer 2014
  • Tickets for him and Jasmijn to visit stepmom Megan in Canada – Christmas 2014
  • Jasmijn spent 2 weeks in the hospital in August, 2014 for a ruptured appendix surgery with complications. Private U.S. health insurance with co-pay: my guestimate is at least $20,000.-
  • How about his attorney fees for the endless motions he filed? I had to sell my house to spend about $10,000 a month on the legal abuse inflicted by him. Dishing it out must have cost him a similar amount. Kelly Reiter, his attorney, charges a retainer of $100.000!

How come Judge Verna Adams  signs off on this nonsense? Even Officer Acton from the Fairfax Police Department admitted to me over the phone that something fishy is going on regarding Dave’s income and expenses. And what will the California Bar Association think of the practices by attorney Kelly Reiter?

How about a thorough investigation? Follow the money!


This is a newspaper article about previous anti-corruption protests  at Marin County Superior Court. The extent of this corruption is no longer local.

The eyes of the world are watching Marin County Superior Court now!

Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn


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