Judge Adams and her Reign of Terror

Judge Verna Adams of Marin County Superior Court received her training in robbing the cradle of justice from Judge Dufficy in the 1980s, and developed her own special brand of corruption, publicly labeled as “The Verna Factor,” when she was appointed to the bench in 1999, meaning that she consistently awards full custody to abusive fathers despite experts evidence of abuse and molestation.

The following is an excerpt from a 2005 report by Virgina McCullough about the rampant corruption in Marin County Superior Court:

J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                      December 3, 2005

More Evidence Of The “Integrity”

Of The Legal Fraternity 

A glimpse of what’s really under “The Black Robes”

–this time in California

by Virginia McCullough

Volumes have been written about the rampant corruption on the Marin County Superior Court bench located on the north side of San Francisco Bay in the Golden State of California.  Judges such as Michael Buck Dufficy and Commissioners such as Sylvia Shapiro, now receiving Marin County disability pay and living in Hawaii, brought notoriety and shame to the entire Marin County bench.

Marin County’s infamous FLEAS (Family Law Elite Attorneys) share a special relationship with judges like Dufficy and Judge Verna Adams. These elite attorneys and some of the judges they appear before enjoy a yearly three-day vacation over Memorial Day hosted by Judge Dufficy at his historic Pioneer hotel at 11025 Main Street in Sheep Ranch, California.  A former member of the FLEAS, attorney Kathryn Shepherd. said the group was organized in the early 1980s.  The “in club” met regularly to discuss the social and professional aspects of the Marin County Bar and Bench.  And they always looked forward to Memorial Day when they could let their hair down and talk shop away from the scrutiny of Marin citizens.

In 1990 attorney Michael Dufficy secured a political appointment to the Marin Bench from Governor George Deukmejian.  That year the party at Dufficy’s Sheep Ranch hostel was particularly wild.  The party was vividly described by Matt Issacs in his article: Odor! Odor in the Court published in the October 10, 2000 San Francisco Weekly.

That year at Sheep Ranch, Shepherd says, Dufficy passed out T-shirts to all the guests with a picture on the front of a large man smoking a cigar. “Good Ol’ Boy,” the T-shirt read.  The back depicted two bald, rotund men in business suits scratching each others’ backs.  All weekend, she says, Dufficy walked around in a judge’s robe with nothing underneath.  One night after dinner, all the attorneys got together and sprayed whipped cream on the new judge’s bald head, adding a cherry for good measure.

“It was really something like Animal House,” Shepherd says, laughing.  “Folks would begin drinking as soon as they got up in the morning.  Beer. Wine.  At night they’d hit the harder stuff.”

Another article entitled Sheep Ranch, California: Where the Marin Bar Bellies up to Judge Michael Buck Dufficy’s Bar at his Pioneer Hotel published on May 3, 2001, detailed the history of the historic town and the repercussions of the Memorial Day vacations where pending cases might or might not have been decided outside the courtroom by inebriated officers of the court.

Many who read about the judges’ escapades in Marin shook their head and dismissed it as an isolated incident, a rare apparition of justice in a very large and diverse state.  Certainly, it was assumed, the other more conservative counties in the great state of California had respectable justices who conducted themselves appropriately with a professionalism worthy of their black robes.  Marin County was looked upon as a liberal cow town located too close to San Francisco not to have absorbed some of that wild, free spirit.

Recently, however, it became very apparent to court followers that Monterey County’s Superior Court is just as thoroughly corrupt as its counterpart in Marin County.


Judge Verna Adams, however, successfully blocked recall attempts by Marin County residents and continued her reign of terror, causing demonstrations at the Marin County Superior Court house in San Rafael, California.



On July 25th, 2015 Stephen James reported on CNN that corruption in California Family Court is rampant all over and has festered all the way to the California Judicial Council.

“A string of court corruption scandals in California – including a ticket fixing scheme uncovered by the FBI in Orange County and an alleged racketeering organization in Sacramento County – are the result of mismanagement and incompetence at the state Judicial Council, according to a report by a non-profit journalism organization.

“Under the leadership of Cantil-Sakauye, the Judicial Council has been besieged by controversy, including a scathing state audit showing financial and operational mismanagement, and allegations by the Center for Judicial Excellence that the agency ignores criminal conduct by court clerks and judges throughout the state,” SFCN reported.

“Cantil-Sakauye is using her position of authority to cover up the long-running misconduct of her former colleagues in both courts,” according to a whistleblower quoted in the SFCN report.”

Thank you FBI for investigating the case fixing scandal, racketeering scheme and whistleblower retaliation attributed to Judicial Council Chair Tani Cantil-Sakauye!

Next on the FBI hit list: Judge Adams


Jasmijn is just one of her many victims. There are entire support groups with mothers who have fallen victim due to this “Judge.” All Judge Verna Adam’s cases need to be re-opened and investigated and so do all the cases by her partner in crime Judge Beverly Wood!

Just today Kathleen Russell from the Center For Judicial Excellence reported: “Marin County Judge Verna Adams callously turned down a request for a permanent restraining order to protect two suicidal teenagers who report being molested, raped and physically abused by their father for more than 10 years. They are repeatedly cutting themselves, 14 mandated reporters calling in concerns about these kids’ safety, a substantiated CPS report confirming the abuse, no matter. The court transcripts will tell it all. You deserve to be shamed all over this county, state and nation for what you’ve done to these poor kids, Judge Verna Adams. An OUTRAGEOUS ruling that is inexcusable.”

When Judge Adams finally retires, she will leave a legacy of child abuse, terror, trauma and human rights violations in her wake, impacting generations to come.

marincountycorruptFree Jasmijn – #freejasmijn



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