Jasmijn, follow this tutorial to have contact with me without anyone knowing about it! And if you are one of the thousands of other kids around the world like Jasmijn, who is forced to live with a father who doesn’t allow you to have contact with your mom, then this guide is for you too! It is a video tutorial that you can follow along step by step and you can pause it when you need to. It shows you how to set up and use a safe and secure email account that cannot be hacked and tracked. Make sure to create a user name that is different from your actual name and never make a bookmark for this email account or the youtube video! This tutorial also shows you how to make sure your father can’t see that you are using this email account!

***UPDATE: do NOT try this on your own computer or cell phone because your father might have installed spying software on there through which he can keep track of what you are doing.***

Remember, you have the basic Human Right to have contact with your mother, your grandparents, your uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. Don’t let ANYONE tell you anything else!

Jasmijn, I can’t wait to hear from you honey! I miss you and I LOVE you SOOOOOOOO much! You can also just call me, you know? 011-31- 631524956

Don’t let ANYONE bully you! Follow your HEART!

You can DO this!!! Rock ON!!!


Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn