COURT WATCH Sept 27: Dave H plans international escape!

Jasmijn’s father Dave H has requested the court to grant him unrestricted international travel with Jasmijn. STOP HIS ESCAPE!

On July 14, 2016  Dave H requested permission to travel with Jasmijn to Canada DURING SCHOOL TIME which was granted by Judge Adams of Marin County Superior Court in California! Why is Judge Adams allowing Dave H to take Jasmijn out of school for him to take her to Canada?

During the hearing Dave’s attorney Kelly Reiter tried to sneak in a modification for unrestricted travel to boot, but Judge Adams set a hearing date for that issue on September 27th.

davehplansescapeDave H is a known criminal who has broken Marin County Superior Court Judge Adams’ Orders a total of 110 times plus counting by not allowing ANY contact since mother and daughter since May 2015. Furthermore he admits to hacking the mother’s bank account, email account and admits to orchestrating Jasmijn’s court-abduction with a child trafficking federation. Furthermore, he stalks and harasses Jasmijn’s mother and has thugs threaten her about money. He sends vicious slander about her and her deceased father to journalists, officials and her employers, files false police reports against her friends and withholds mail sent to Jasmijn. All evidence of these facts has been submitted to Fairfax Police Department Chief of Police Mr. Morin.

Do NOT let Dave H escape his punishment for such criminal activities. Mr. H is an identified child molester and a self-admitted heroin and crack cocaine addict for 30 years who is unable to pass court-ordered drug tests and unwilling to attend court-ordered drug treatment.

All individuals and organisations involved in this case will be held accountable for their actions by The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts and Jasmijn’s mother. Dave H.’s attorney Kelly Reiter has made direct threats to the Executive Director Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, PhD,  and Dave H is now harrassing her as well. Please read Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman PUBLIC STATEMENT about this case. Police reports have been filed!

You can HELP stop this INSANITY and get Jasmijn out of the hands of this criminal by writing and calling Marin County Superior Court Presiding Judge Faye D’Opal in California:

PHONE: (415) 444-7213

You can make your own statement or copy/paste this message:

Dear Presiding Judge D’Opal,

I respectfully request the Court not to grant Jasmijn’s father Dave H permission for unrestricted international travel with Jasmijn. I request Marin County Superior Court to act in a proper judicial manner, pursue the criminal facts presented to Fairfax Police Department Chief of Police Mr. Morin, detain Dave H for his criminal activities and reverse custody to Jasmijn’s Protective Mother Geerte in The Netherlands immediately at the September 27th, 2016 hearing at 8.30AM PDT in Dept H, Room H of The Marin County Superior Court .

Geerte is one of 2 million Protective Mothers in the United States who are victimized by abusive, vengeful Domestic Terrorist fathers who use the judicial system as a tool of coercive control in order to exact revenge, avoid paying child support and continue to abuse and molest their children.


[Your name]

Please attend the September 27th hearing at 8.30AM PDT in Dept H, Room H of The Marin County Superior Court at 3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903, United States. Your respectful attendance is very much appreciated.

THANK YOU ALL for your continued support on behalf of Jasmijn, her mother, grandmother and entire family in The Netherlands.



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