Jasmijn’s 13th birthday is NOT forgotten! As a matter of fact, Jasmijn unwrapped a huge box of gifts for her birthday during the Christmas Skype visit. Her best friend in The Netherlands helped pick them out and we made sure to add some make-up.


Jasmijn’s father Dave H violated the visitation Court order 121 times. It took the Foundation for the Child Victims of Family Courts to finally help me get the Court records from Marin County Superior Court, after I tried to obtain them for 2 years, together with many others. As soon as I got the (incomplete) records, I immediately filed CONTEMPT against Dave H on September 26, 2016. Dave H and his attorneys Reiter and Duditch postponed the trial TWICE, due to Dave H’s “severe medical condition.” The trial finally took place on February 22, 2017.

Dave H was not present. He sent his two attorneys instead: Attorney Reiter and Attorney Duditch. He was, however, well enough to submit a declaration full of statements that were supposedly made by Jasmijn about me. His entire self-absorbed declaration is filled with lies. It contains hearsay and double-hearsay and evidences his “team work” with Attorney Reiter, Therapist Jessica Sherman and Supervisor Welter to exclude Jasmijn from my life as well as the lives of Jasmijn’s grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and classmates in The Netherlands. Here’s a fragment:


Keep in mind that Supervisor Welter had emailed me stating that I never said such things to Jasmijn. However, Tiffany Welter was not present during this trial either. She too, submitted a declaration full of lies to the Court. Attorney Reiter took the stand and blatantly lied about her own conduct, as well the conduct of Supervisor Welter, Therapist Sherman and Dave H. She also blatantly admitted to their unlawful civil conspiracy. Additionally, she admitted that she violated the Court order herself, and stated that she had cut contact between Jasmijn and me, together with Sherman and Welter, because it was in “Jasmijn’s best interest.”


I’m truly grateful Attorney Reiter handed me so much more ammunition. Let’s not forget that Attorney Reiter, who is a  “Child Welfare Specialist,” admitted to Jill Jones-Soderman of The Foundation of the Child Victims of Family Courts that she “helped” at least 600 other children, the same way she “helped” Jasmijn in to the full custody of her self-admitted drug-addict and identified child-molesting father. This testimony will be very helpful aiding the California State Bar in to the full investigation they have launched in to her unlawful and unethical conduct in this case. “Attorney” Reiter needs to be stopped, and so do these other “professionals”!

The trial was interrupted because they had to go to lunch. They apparently all went together as they could be heard laughing as they walked out and back in to the Court room an hour and a half later.

After 6 hours of trial, Judge Adams read her judgement. It was long and typed up, so apparently she had it ready the entire time. Which begs the question: if the ruling is already completed, why even do a 6-hour trial?

In her ruling, Judge Adams stated that she allows Dave H to violate the orders by the Court because the order was “vague.” Here is the part of the Court order in question:


How is this vague? Here is the LOG with violations as submitted to the Court. Judge Adams then ignored the evidence of my numerous attempts to get other supervisors on the case. I had contacted every single supervisor on the list provided by Marin County Superior Court. However, they had been blocked from providing their services by Judge Adams herself, as well as Attorney Reiter and Supervisor Welter. Judge Adams ruled that I had not done enough to change the Court order or to get other supervisors on the case. Judge Adams went on to rule that Attorney Reiter had unlawfully modified the visitation order, but then did not hold her accountable.

Judge Verna Adams pushes her agenda of placing children with their abusive, vengeful fathers in international custody cases. She presents on this topic at conferences that are organized by the federally funded Fathers Rights’ “Association of Family & Conciliation Courts” and she sells her speeches on audio CD’s during which she claims that she cares about the “left-behind parent who is oceans apart from his or her child.” Judge Adams asks the audience in her speech: “Does our modern electronic technology truly bridge the continent divide with virtual visitation affording frequent and continuous contact? Or are we as lawyers, judges and mental health professionals just fooling ourselves?”


Judge Adams confirmed once again, that she is the Queen of the AFCC Fathers’ Rights pro-abuse corporation. Did we expect anything else? Of course not.

On May 1, 2017, The United Nations, accepted my complaint against The Netherlands, regarding the injustice that occurred in The Hague Court and The Hague Appeals Court against Jasmijn and the brutal, unlawful manner in which her deportation from The Netherlands to The United States of America was executed in 2014. The complaint was accepted under The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Finally, Jasmijn, her grandmother and I get JUSTICE

May my hard work and relentless efforts to protect my daughter Jasmijn be an inspiration to all Protective Mothers around the world to NEVER GIVE UP!

Many developments have took place since November 2016, which I did not share publicly, in order to protect Jasmijn and her paternal family during the very difficult time that was unfolding. However, since Dave H’s friends have already spread the news of Dave H’s death all over the internet, I find it only fair to share this news with you, the reader, as well, and describe the events that have unfolded since November 2016.

Once I found out that Dave H was seriously ill in November, I subpoenaed his medical records and filed a Motion for Modification of Custody. During the following months, despite extreme resistance of Dave’s attorneys Kelly Reiter and Steve Duditch, I finally got Judge Adams to do an “in-camera” review of Dave H’s medical records. During the April 4, 2017, hearing, she shared his terminal diagnosis with me and then placed a gag order on me. She did not put any orders in place to insure that Jasmijn’s interests were protected, might Dave H unexpectedly pass, despite my frequent requests to do so.

I made two formal proposals to Dave H and attorney Reiter to try and resolve the matter out of court, to relieve stress for everyone involved. Both were rejected.

So the hearing regarding my Motion for Modification of Custody was set for May 3, 2017. However, on April 30, 2017, Dave H passed away. I immediately filed an ex-parte Motion for Modification of Custody to be heard on May 2nd. However, Judge Adams had to abate (abandon) the case due to Dave’s passing. And again, she left Jasmijn hanging. This time without anyone having any custody of her in the United States.

As it turns out, in October 2016, Dave H signed off guardianship of Jasmijn to his brother Chris H, from Hastings on Hudson in New York. They all finagled this without an order from the Court and of course without telling me. They even went as far as to appoint an attorney to 13-year old Jasmijn: Ms. Gretchen Rubel.

On May 1, 2017, Ms. Rubel then filed her own ex-parte motion to be heard on May 4th, supposedly on behalf of Jasmijn, petitioning Judge Simmons in Marin County Probate Court for Jasmijn to be placed in full custody of Chris and to terminate my parental rights.

I would like the reader to realize, that I still have Sole Legal and Physical custody of Jasmijn in The Netherlands. Also, Jasmijn has no relationship with her uncle Chris. The entire 10 years that I raised her, he never called, visited, sent a letter, a birthday gift or Christmas gift: nothing. He was entirely absent from her life. He only came around when Dave H became terminally ill. Jasmijn meanwhile, shared on Skype with me, that she doesn’t really know her uncle, that he irritates her, and that she doesn’t like the way he parents his daughter.

Here is what should have happened May 4th, during the Probate hearing: since I still have Sole Legal and Physical Custody of Jasmijn in The Netherlands and since she is Dutch, Judge Simmons should have contacted The Hague Court to transfer jurisdiction of Jasmijn to The Netherlands. According to American and Dutch Law, the surviving parent is automatically granted full custody when the other parent dies.


But we all know that Marin County Superior Court is a child trafficking hub. So you can already guess what happened on May 4th: Judge Simmons granted full Temporary Custody of Jasmijn to her estranged uncle Chris H, and she granted me one last Skype session. After that: no more contact. On June 19 there is another hearing, because Chris wants permanent custody.

Jasmijn meanwhile, thinks she is going to stay in Marin County, because she wants to stay close to her friends, which is understandable for any 13-year old who cannot oversee the consequences of her situation. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that uncle Chris is most probably only going to pretend to move to Marin County until he gets custody on June 19, 2017 (lease or buy a temporary place). After all, he and his wife Jody both have full-time jobs in New York, they have lived there forever, their 10-year old daughter is rooted there, plus they own a house there. It’s highly unlikely they are all going to completely overhaul their entire lives, just so Jasmijn can be close to her friends in Marin.

Either way, child trafficking runs in the family.


I immediately filed an International Hague Convention Child Abduction case against uncle Chris in San Francisco Federal Court. After all, I am Jasmijn’s surviving parent and I have Sole Custody of her. The United States and The Netherlands are contracting states of The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction; meaning that any American Court must respect a Custody Order of The Netherlands. Instead of doing the right thing upon receiving the Federal Summons from the Westchester County Sheriff, and helping Jasmijn to reunite with me, her Mother, uncle Chris abandoned Jasmijn with an unknown woman in Marin County, California.

Many people ask me how Jasmijn is doing. The answer is: I do not know. The child traffickers are not allowing contact:


Meanwhile, Team Free Jasmijn now includes The United Nations and of course we’re moving full steam ahead! Stay tuned…