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Ombudsman acts on behalf of Jasmijn!

Good news! After a preliminary investigation National Ombudsman Marc Dullaert announced today that he will take on Jasmijn’s case!


The following facts and proposals that my attorney Ariane Hendriks and I have presented in our meeting with him on December 18th, 2015 will be considered:

    1. despite expert evidence of child abuse, child molestation and severe neglect at the hands of the father Dave H submitted to the Hague Court by State Youth Mental Health Clinic GGNet Jeugd (henceforward named GGNet Jeugd).
    2. despite the fact that child therapist Kathryn Carter in Texas noted child abuse and molestation
    3. despite the recommendation by the Hague Court’s own independent psychologist that not even supervised contact should take place between Dave H and Jasmijn.
    4. despite the fact that Dave H admitted to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine.
    5. despite the fact that Jasmijn testified about the molestation and abuse in The Hague Lower Court as well as in The Hague Appellate Court and showed strong resistance against contact with her father.
    6. despite the fact that Jasmijn had been hospitalized due to refusal to eat after being notified of the fact that the Lower Court had ordered her return to the USA and mental health professionals had alerted the Court of her suicidal and homicidal feelings.
  • Dutch Child Protective Services, also known as the “Raad van de Kinderbescherming” (henceforward named RvdK) admitted that at the time of the deportation it had not informed itself about Jasmijn’s case at all. The Dutch CPS (RvdK) admitted that they did not even know about the expert evidence of child abuse and child molestation by the father Dave H as reported extensively by the multi-disciplinary team of GGNet Jeugd throughout a 10 month-long investigation. The Dutch CPS (RvdK) admitted that they did not meet with the expert team at GGNet Jeugd before deciding to participate in the deportation of Jasmijn. As such the Dutch CPS (RvdK) acted as the extension of the DA (Openbaar Ministerie), instead of acting on behalf of the best interest of Jasmijn.
  • The fact that the deportation definitely did not proceed according to the Enforcement Protocol and the “Guide to Good Practice” of the Hague Convention as witnessed by multiple neighbors who submitted their statements to the Court about the fact that
    1. On our way to school Jasmijn and I were jumped by a large SWAT team in black fighting gear
    2. Jasmijn was dragged in to a car with tinted windows while kicking, hitting and screaming (please note that in most countries deportation proceedings are permanently aborted when children resist to this extent)
    3. Jasmijn did not get a chance to say goodbye to me
    4. Jasmijn did not get a chance to say goodbye to her grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends
    5. Jasmijn did not get a chance to take personal belongings
    6. Jasmijn vomited in the car to the airport (please note that in most countries deportation proceedings are permanently aborted when children become physically ill to this extent)
    7. Jasmijn was handed over to her father at the airport, while she had not seen him and strongly resisted seeing him for a period of 20 months
  • The fact that the Dutch District Attorney (Openbaar Ministerie) violated my Constitutional Rights when detaining me without grounds in order to prevent me from stopping the deportation process through Summary Proceedings.
  • The fact that the Dutch CPS (RvdK) did not collaborate with CFS in Marin County, CA before the deportation in order to immediately remove Jasmijn from the custody of Dave H upon arrival in The United States until a thorough 3118 sexual abuse and drug abuse investigation had been completed. Such collaboration is deemed mandatory by the Enforcement Protocol of The Hague Convention Treaty.

The following are several solutions my attorney Ariane Hendriks and I have proposed to prevent similar Human Rights violations from ever occurring to Protective Parents and their child(ren) in the future:

  • When a parent files a child abuse and/or molestation report with the police and the agency handling and referring child abuse claims (Algemeen Meldpunt Kindermishandeling) the Dutch CPS (RvdK) should be alerted and continuously informed about the investigation, treatment and development of the child. If expert evidence of child abuse and/or molestation by experts such as employed by GGNet Jeugd is confirmed, the Dutch CPS (RvdK) should protect the child and the reporting protective parent. In case the abusive parent files a Hague Convention case against the protective parent the Dutch CPS (RvdK) should advice the Court in The Hague against deportation of the child by triggering implementation of Article 13 of the Hague Convention Treaty.
  • The Enforcement Protocol and the “Guide to Good Practice” of the Hague Convention should be converted in to a legislative act that the Central Authority in all participating countries is bound to adhere to when deportation is deemed legitimate, before, during and after proceedings until the child reaches the age of 16 and the Hague Convention Treaty is no longer applicable.
  • In case grounds for deportation are deemed legitimate no child should be deported without first being placed in a neutral temporary custody setting during which time the child should get the opportunity to properly and gradually transition between parents under guidance of a team of expert child psychologists in order to prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other damaging psychological consequences for the child and the left-behind parent. In case the child continues to express resistance against deportation on grounds of domestic violence such as mother and/or child abuse and/or molestation, such evidence should be allowed to be presented to the Court and the deportation procedures should be cancelled.
  • A United Nations cross-disciplinary Oversight Committee consisting of legal experts, mental health experts, forensic experts and mediation experts should be established in order to guarantee correct implementation of the Hague Convention Treaty by Hague Convention judges and Central Authority personnel worldwide. In case of gross violations of The Hague Convention Treaty such as Jasmijn’s case this Oversight Committee should have the judiciary power to reverse Appellate Court orders worldwide. This same UN Oversight Committee should monitor correct functioning of Central Authority personnel worldwide to ensure proper after-care and continuous monitoring of the deported child as well as continued contact between the child and the left-behind parent.
  • Immediate solutions for Jasmijn have been suggested and received by the Ombudsman with positive response. These solutions will not be made public at this time.

On behalf of Jasmijn and the 185 children who get deported from The Netherlands every year as well as their primary caregiving parents (mostly Protective Mothers), I would like to thank Kinderombudsman Marc Dullaert for his willingness to listen and seek solutions. The severe Human Rights violations that were inflicted upon Jasmijn, her maternal family and myself will not have been in vain if other children in Jasmijn’s situation are saved from such horrendous fate. May the proposed solutions be implemented in an expedited manner so that The Netherlands can lead the way for other nations in the fight against global court-ordered child trafficking.

Together with thousands of Protective Mothers and children worldwide I applaud Kinderombudsman Marc Dullaert. We look forward to his concrete plans of action!

May Jasmijn be returned home soon, safe and sound!

kinderombudsmanjasmijnFree Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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Mothers Parade of Tears – letter to policians

The following is my letter to U.S. politicians on behalf of Jasmijn and the 58.000 other court-abducted children placed with abusive fathers nationwide every year:

My name is Geerte and I am part of The Women’s Coalition, Safe Kids International and various other large organisations of Protective Mothers that fight corruption in America’s Family Law Courts nationwide, which causes 58.000 of our kids to be placed in full custody of abusive fathers every year. Federally funded Father’s Rights groups rob our children on a massive scale in a racketeering scheme with the judicial system. Paternal fascism is rife – globally.

This is the story of my daughter Jasmijn:

My 12-year old daughter Jasmijn was brutally deported from The Netherlands to her father Dave H in Marin County, California in April 2014, despite overwhelming expert evidence of abuse, molestation and child neglect by him and despite the fact that he admitted to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine.
By granting Marin County Court, CA jurisdiction of Jasmijn’s case, The Hague Convention judges in The Netherlands broke the UN Hague Convention Treaty, on article 13 and violated Jasmijn’s human rights (she has Dutch citizenship too). UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 3, article 19, article 33, article 34, article 37 and article 39.

Marin County Superior Court Judge Wood has told me that if I were to pursue a custody trial she would make sure I would lose it, I would never see Jasmijn again and she would seize my mother’s assets in The Netherlands (there are none). As such she is in violation to Jasmijn’s right to a fair trial. UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 9.

In violation of the court’s order, Dave H has ceased contact between Jasmijn and me since May 8, 2015 without explanation. Her father, with whom she has not lived since she was 1 year old, keeps her hostage at an undisclosed location, demanding money. Telephone calls to local authorities including the district attorney and Marin County Sheriff’s office have yielded no success. They are not even willing to perform mandatory welfare checks. Judge Adams ruled that she allows the father to get away with breaking her own court orders and is not willing to investigate the matter through a 3118 child sexual abuse investigation and drug testing of the father. She is not facilitating contact between my daughter and me and she is not allowing me to know where my daughter lives either. According to the UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 10, Jasmijn has the right to be safe and have contact with me at all times. Withholding Jasmijn’s location from me, the biological mother, is also in violation of this treaty, article 9.

The entire story with evidence can be found here:
The case has been covered in national and international media and both Dutch Parliament and American Congress.

I’m writing you to make you aware of these gross Human Rights violations inflicted upon my daughter Jasmijn and me. We are not the only ones. Court-inflicted abuse happens to 58.000 children and their Protective Mothers throughout Family Courts nationwide every year. I am interested to hear what you plan to do to tackle this serious issue that is impacting generations to come. What can you do for Jasmijn and the 58.999 other children in her situation every year? How about us, the Protective Mothers who hold hands in this Mothers Parade of Tears? We have been robbed of our children, our financial resources, our Constitutional Rights, our Human Rights! Our kids miss out on the nurturing relationship only their mothers can provide them plus they miss out on the entire maternal side of their family and, in international cases like Jasmijn their cultural heritage as well! Maternal deprivation is known to lead to serious psychological consequences such as chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, drug addiction, promiscuous behavior and even suicide. Can you stand by and allow Family Court Judges to be untouchable in their dance macabre with CFS, the Father’s Rights groups, the Judicial Oversight Committees and the good ol’ boy networks that get these folks elected with the sole purpose of keeping the evil wheels of their financial revenue machine turning over the backs of us and our children?

Thank you for considering this incredibly important topic. Together with all the other Protective Mothers I look forward to your plan of immediate action!

The Netherlands

Paternal fascism

The Vengeful Father Syndrome

Hague Convention deported kids (tip of iceberg of thousands of Protective Mothers)

millionkidsFree Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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Judge Adams inducted in to the Hall of Shame

In the hearing yesterday it became clear that Judge Adams (Marin County, CA) only talked to Jasmijn for 5 minutes on December 23rd. There is no audio recording of the conversation, so what was actually really said we’ll never know.

The Protective Mothers who were present in the courtroom to support me were thrown out. Judge Adams closed the courtroom.

Judge Adams had her ruling ready before she entered that courtroom. She did not listen to any of the arguments.

Judge Adams made it clear that she is not willing to look at the expert evidence of child molestation or start her own investigation. She is not testing Dave H for drug addiction either, although he admitted to the court that he can’t stop relapsing. She placed no consequences to the fact that Dave H has broken all of her court orders so far. She did not care that he chased off all willing supervisors either and was not willing to restore contact between Jasmijn and me.

Last but not least she stated that “any mother who places pictures of her child on the internet is a bad mother.” The fact that the “father” Dave H places pictures publicly on his facebook timeline with crotch shots of Jasmijn, however is apparently not a problem to her. (I have blocked out the indecent content in this picture to protect Jasmijn’s privacy)

The lower court ruling is now final. Glad to be done with evil Marin County Court. On to the next level of the judicial system! More opportunities with actual legal aid now finally open up for Jasmijn and me!

Judge Adams, widely known for deep-rooted corruption, is about to be inducted in to the “Hall of Fame” in Marin County. I concur with the Center for Judicial Excellence that she needs to be inducted in the Hall of SHAME instead. Protests and public outcry by a huge group of mothers who lost their children through her rulings in Marin County, CA are under way. Stay tuned.

I will not stop fighting for my daughter. EVER. Please pray for her. Thank you!

Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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Court Watch Jasmijn today January 13th!

This afternoon at 1.30 PM PST Judge Verna Adams of Marin County Court, CA will let me know the results of her private meeting with Jasmijn that took place in her chambers last December 23rd. The case will take place in Dept H, Room H. Case  #FL1400764

Want to help? Any emails or calls to the presiding judge D’Opal are GREATLY appreciated! Please request that Judge Adams consider the evidence of sexual molestation, child abuse and neglect as found by both the Dutch State Child Mental Health Institution GGNet Jeugd as well as The Hague Court’s own independent child psychologist as well as Jasmijn’s own testimony (twice) in The Hague Court. The Hague Court has requested that American Family Court investigate the matter. Why has this not happened then?

Please requested that Judge Adams, in cooperation with CFS launch a proper 3118 investigation in to child sexual abuse of Jasmijn. Additionally please request that Judge Adams order Dave H. to get tested for use of cocaine and heroin; after all, he admitted to Nevada County Court in 2010 that he had a 36 year addiction to hard drugs (for which he failed and missed court-ordered drug tests in the following 12 months).

Will Judge Verna Adams let Dave H. get away with lying about his income and breaking all court orders? Will contact between Jasmijn and me be restored? Stay tuned!

Thank you ALL for standing up for Jasmijn and her Human Rights!!

CONTACT Presiding Judge Faye D’Opal
PHONE: (415) 444-7213
3501 Civic Center Dr C10, San Rafael, CA 94903
Dept H, Room H
California, U.S.A.

IMG_5019Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn


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Happy 12th birthday Jasmijn!!!

My Ever-So-Sweet Jasmijn, I don’t know where you are, or whether you are even still alive but I wish you a happy 12th birthday anyway!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Always remember that I tried EVERYTHING to prevent the situation you find yourself in. The fate of your childhood has been in the hands of strangers. Let’s hope Judge Adams will help you!

You were not allowed to receive my birthday gifts last year so I’m not sending anything this time. When you get back to live with me we will celebrate all the Mothers Days, birthdays and Christmases we missed together. We’ll have a HUUUUGE party!

My birthday gift to you for your 12th birthday is my promise to you that I will continue to fight hard for you! I will keep shouting from the rooftops what is happening to you until Justice is served!

Remember to always speak YOUR truth. The Truth is in your heart. It’s that feeling in your gut; your intuition. It’s that little voice that tells you what is right and wrong. The Truth is the Light that you can shine on what needs to change. You have the right to be your true self! Be that birthday gift to yourself!

Freedom awaits you. That is my promise to you. Every day apart is one day closer until we are together again. Momma is not just waiting. And momma is supported by hundreds of moms in the same situation all over the world. We’re fighting together to FREE you plus all the other court-abducted children. Never underestimate the power of LOVE.

I LOVE YOU till the end of the Universe and back and I’m always with you!!!

Knuffel en KUSSSSS van mamma

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 12de verjaardag!!!!!!!!!!

JasmijnGeerte3Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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