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Judge Adams requests to speak to Jasmijn in private!

The result of yesterday’s court proceedings? Judge Adams has requested a private meeting with Jasmijn in her chambers on December 23rd! GO JASMIJN GO!!! Remember what mom has taught you: only the TRUTH will set you FREE!!! The judge’s findings resulting from this conversation will be discussed in another hearing on January 13rd.

THANK YOU for participating in the court watch! Thank you The Women’s Coalition for organizing!!! It is your SUPPORT and prayers that give Jasmijn the opportunity to finally be heard! I LOVE YOU ALL. On behalf of Jasmijn: THANK YOU for caring!!!

Want to help? Any emails or calls to the presiding judge D’Opal requesting Judge Adams to consider the evidence of sexual molestation, child abuse and neglect as found by both the Dutch State Child Mental Health Institution GGNet Jeugd as well as The Hague Court’s own independent child psychologist as well as Jasmijn’s own testimony (twice) are GREATLY appreciated.

Yesterday’s court proceedings made clear Judge Adams has NOT read the file.

I have requested that Judge Adams, in cooperation with CFS launch a proper 3118 investigation in to child sexual abuse of Jasmijn. Additionally I asked Judge Adams why Dave H. has not been ordered to get tested for use of cocaine and heroin; after all, he admitted to Nevada County Court in 2010 that he had a 36 year addiction to hard drugs (for which he failed and missed court-ordered drug tests in the following 12 months). I got no answer to that question.

What is going on in Marin County Superior Court?

CONTACT Presiding Judge Faye D’Opal
PHONE: (415) 444-7213 [U.S.]

jasmineFree Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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Daughter Taken Away after Reporting Sexual Abuse: Given to ID’d Druggie Molester Father

“Mom, I think I am a reincarnation of Anne Frank. If my dad abducts me, please tell the world my story.”
– 10 year-old Jasmijn to her mom just before she was taken

CONTACT Presiding Judge Faye D’Opal
PHONE: (415) 444-7213 [U.S.]
Say you are from The Women’s Coalition and you want the discrimination by Judge Verna Adams against Geerte to stop and her daughter returned to her.
(You can call anytime and leave voicemail.)

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Wednesday, 11/18, 8:30am PST
Marin County California Superior Court
Department H: Judge Verna Adams
3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901


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My name is Geerte and I am a Dutch citizen and college professor currently residing in The Netherlands. I lived in the USA from 1988 through 2012 where I also worked as a college professor.

My daughter Jasmijn was born in 2004 in the USA and she has dual citizenship. The marriage with her father fell apart when she was 1 year old. Jasmijn’s primary residency then was with me in Texas and the father had visitation in California. In 2009, the father admitted to the court that he relapsed with a severe addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. However, the court ordered Jasmijn to visit with her father unsupervised 10 weeks per year.

The father failed court ordered drug tests and skipped court ordered drug treatment but the court did not stop the visits and since the court proceedings had financially depleted me I could not fight the visitation arrangement so I continued to adhere to it.
Jasmijn returned from each visit with marked unmanageable behavior. By the time she was 7 she was suicidal.

A year later, in 2012, during a family visit to The Netherlands to which the father had consented, Jasmijn told me that her father had been molesting her during the visits, that he had been offering white powder to her, taking her on drug runs, locking her up etc. The Dutch police and the Dutch CPS were notified and they referred her to psychiatric treatment at a State Children’s Mental Health Clinic (GGNET Jeugd) to deal with her severe depression.

8 months of extensive psychiatric testing, investigation and treatment of Jasmijn by a team of experts lead to shocking conclusions of molestation, abuse, neglect and memory issues due to possible substance abuse. When I notified the father he demanded Jasmijn’s return to the USA and started a Hague Convention case against me even though the court stated this was not a case of abduction.

The Court in The Hague ordered an independent psychological investigation of Jasmijn and the recommendation to the court, just like the State Mental Health Clinic was against any form of contact between Jasmijn and her father. Jasmijn was allowed to testify twice and stated to the court that her father had been abusing and molesting her and that she rather die than ever see him again.

The court ignored her testimony, the father’s drug addiction and the overwhelming expert evidence of child abuse and on April 22, 2014 Jasmijn was brutally deported to the USA. She was jumped by a SWAT team on her way to school and hauled off kicking, screaming and vomiting to her father in the USA with whom she had not lived since she was 1 year old.

The case was discussed in Dutch Parliament but Secretary of State Teeven kept his answers classified. By granting Marin County Court jurisdiction of Jasmijn’s case, The Hague Convention judges in The Netherlands broke the UN Treaty on article 13 and violated Jasmijn’s human rights: UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 3, article 19, article 33, article 34, article 37 and article 39.

Marin County Superior Court Judge Wood threatened me that if I were to pursue a custody trial she would make sure I would lose it, I would never see Jasmijn again and she would seize my mother’s assets in The Netherlands. As such she is in violation to Jasmijn’s right to a fair trial. UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 9.

In violation of the court’s order, the father has ceased contact between Jasmijn and me since May 8th without explanation. She has been cut off from her entire maternal side of the family plus cultural heritage of The Netherlands. Her father keeps her hostage at an undisclosed location, demanding money. Local authorities including the District Attorney and Marin County Sheriff’s office are not willing to perform mandatory welfare checks. Withholding Jasmijn’s location from me, the biological mother, is in violation of UN Treaty on The Rights of the Child article 9. Judge Adams has granted the father permission to leave the country with Jasmijn.

I do not know whether my daughter is still alive!

The entire story with evidence can be found here


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[Pictured: Geerte and Jasmijn (top); Judge Faye D’Opal (bottom left); Judge Verna Adams (bottom right)]

Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn

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