Jasmijn, here’s the birthday letter you never got

ALLERliefste Jasmijn, this is the birthday letter I sent along with the birthday gifts you never received last January. You were not allowed to read it so I’m sending it to you this way: birthdayletterbirthdayletter1 This birthday letter was submitted as evidence by Dave H to the court:   birthday I’m sorry you were not allowed to receive the gifts I sent you either. I know the mail man delivered it because I sent it certified and I have proof that it was picked up. The last time we skyped on May 8th you told me you did not know what I sent you. There were two gifts in the box. This was the first gift: a praying angel, lasered in to glass… Laser_Etched_Crystal_Angel And the second gift was a wooden geometric puzzle, that I know you like… 28-29-wooden-puzzle-x-250x250 Lieverd, I am sorry you were not allowed to receive your birthday gifts and this love letter from me to you. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH – I don’t know where you are or how you’re doing, but you are in my heart and in my thoughts every second of every minute of every hour of every day. love You can always contact me via the contact form on this website. Messages you send me won’t show up in your email inbox, just in mine. I won’t email you back and get you in trouble…

In your mind and in your heart hold on to this picture of us

DSCF0006.JPGthe LOVE we have for each other can NEVER be broken


Free Jasmijn – #freejasmijn