In April 2014, when my daughter Jasmijn was 10 years old, she was brutally and unlawfully deported from The Netherlands to her father Dave H in Marin County, California despite expert evidence of abuse, molestation and neglect, despite the fact that he admitted to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine and despite the fact that he had been diagnosed with narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders.

Her father, with whom she has not lived since she was 1 year old, holds her hostage at an undisclosed location, demanding money. He terminated all contact on May 9th, 2015, thereby breaking all court orders.

Not only have I been bankrupted trying to fight this in Marin County Superior Court, Judge Wood has threatened me that if I were to pursue a custody trial she would make sure I would lose it, I would never see Jasmijn again and she would seize my mother’s assets in The Netherlands (of which there are none). Judge Adams ruled that she allows the father to get away with breaking her own court orders and is not willing to investigate the matter through a 3118 child sexual abuse investigation and drug testing of the father.  After many people tried to help me to obtain the records from the Court for 2 entire years,  the Foundation for the Child Victims of Family Courts finally was able to achieve this in 2016. As soon as I got the (incomplete) records, I started studying California Family Law to fight back as a self-represented litigant from The Netherlands and got Judge Adams to enforce Skype visits, after 18 months of NO CONTACT. The next hearing date is May 3, 2017. The countdown is on! Stay tuned and a HUGE thank you to the thousands of FREE JASMIJN supporters from all over the world! Together we will get her home!

How in the world could any of this have happened? If you really want to know the truth then this site is for you. Instead of arriving at conclusions based on hearsay and wild allegations, allow me to introduce you to all the people involved in this court-ordered child trafficking case and present you with all the evidence so you can make up your own mind. Then confront the folks responsible for this situation.

Or will you choose to stand by and allow Jasmijn to remain a hostage?


The Summary gives you the overall story, while the Sordid History allows you to access the evidence year by year, play by play. You can also watch this CCN Live archived interview:

For I vow that this is the truth, and nothing but the truth, as the evidence shows.

So help me God.